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A ping pong ball will bounce higher then a Basketball when dropped at the same height. The transfer of kinetic energy is greater in the lighter ping pong ball.

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Q: What will bounce higher a ping pong ball or a basketball?
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What will bounce higher a ping pong ball or a bouncy ball?

bouncy ball

How high does a pingpong ball bounce?

The harder you bounce the ping pong ball the higher it goes........the softer you bounce a ping pong ball the shorter it bounces. You control the heighth.

What ball bounces higher golf ball or ping pong ball?

A golf ball will bounce higher. It has more mass so it is less influenced by air resistance.

Does a golf ball bounce higher than a ping pong ball?

Yes, they are harder, and more force can be applied to make them bounce, also have bound rubber cord inside.

Why ping pong ball is hollow?

For a better bounce on the table.

Which has more inertia a basketball or a ping pong ball?


Sun is to Basketball and Moon is to what?

A ping pong ball

How well does a ping pong ball bounce on concrete?

It will bounce, but in a very awkward and unpredictable direction because of the stubble on the concrete

How high does a lacrosse and ping pong ball bounce from 240 cm?

This cannot be answered. It all depends on how hard the ball was bounced.

Why does a ping-pong ball bounce?

Because it doesn't weigh much and it is hard, and you are hitting it against another hard surface, the ping pong table.

How high can a ping pong ball bounce?

Depends on the gravitating body and the amount of atmosphere killing its momentum.

Density of a ping pong ball?

Diameter of the ping pong ball should be 40 mm and the weight should be 2.7 gram. The ping pong ball must have 0.4 coefficient of restitution. Depending on the bounce, roundness and consistency of the ping pong ball, single star, two star or three star ratings are marked on the ball. A ball with a three star rating normally implies highest quality ball.

Order the area from covers the least to covers the most?

basketball baseball ping-pong ball

Which floats a baseball or a ping pong ball?

ping pong ball

What other sports use a small ball like a baseball?

ping pong,tennis,and handball,basketball,cricket,and

Why do balls need elastcity?

if they are not elastic they would not bounce!! Imagine a wooden ping pong ball?? It would't be much fun playing with it right??

Does a golf ball have a higher density than a ping pong ball?

Yes, a Golf ball does have a Higher density than a pingpong ball. I think because if a fusion is compacted real close, it has a higher density than the object that is seperated .

What games are played with a ball and a net?

Basketball, Soccer, Volley ball, Netball, tennis, ping pong, Birdie, ...if theres anything else..idk

Can a ping pong ball be balanced on another ping pong ball?

no , it cannot

What is cuponk?

Cuponk is basically a game with a cup and a ping-pong type ball and the goal is to get the ball in the cup by preforming bouncing type tricks with the ball to try and bounce it in the cup. you must have some aiming skill to do this

How can you prove that the moon rotates?

Take a ping pong ball and mark an 'X' on it. This 'X' will represent the side of the moon we can see in the night sky from Earth. Naturally, the opposite side of the ping pong ball will represent the side we cannot see from Earth (the far side of the moon). Get a basketball. This will represent the Earth. Take the ping pong ball and make the 'X' face the basketball. Move the ping pong ball around the basketball while keeping the 'X' facing the same direction you started with-do not rotate the ping pong ball. You are simulating the moon orbiting the Earth. If you watch where the 'X' is while the ping pong ball is circling the basketball, you will notice that at some point, all sides of the ping pong ball will end up facing the basketball-this is also what would happen if the moon did not rotate. We would be able to see all sides of the moon. The ping pong ball is not rotating hence we would be able to see all sides of the moon (including the far side). We cannot see about one-half of the moon at any time so we know that it must rotate-it's just that one side is always facing us (due to tidal locking).

What are ten names of balls used in sports?

Baseball, Soccer-ball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Croquet ball, Cricket ball, Golf ball, Tennis ball, Racket ball, Ping-pong ball, Tether ball, Paintball and Dodge ball.

What is the ball called in the game of ping pong?

It has no special name, it is a ping pong ball.

Why are ping pong balls hollow?

Basically, without getting into technical detail, ping pong balls are hollow because it makes them bounces better and farther. Professional tournaments and gaming commissions have standards for the exact sizing and bounce height of a ping pong ball.

What are the steps in ping pong serving?

toss the ball in the air, swing your paddle and hit the ball on your side of the table, it must bounce over the net and hit the other side of the table to be a valid serve.