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If the ball hits the line then the ball is called in. But if its even a little bit over the line then its out and the other team gets the ball.

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If any part of the ball lands on the end or side line then the ball is in.

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If the ball hits the line the ball is called in

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Q: What will be the call if the volleyball lands on the services line?
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Does the shadow of a volleyball hit determine if the hit is in?

No, it just matter where the ball lands. If it is touching the line or in the court, it is considered in bounds.

Is it out if the ball lands on the line in tennis?

if the ball lands on the line it is considered in and it depends on the situation your in to determine it good or bad

In volleyball during the set each line judge shall assist the referees by doing what?

you have to call the balls that hit the line or go out when the ref can't see

Volleyball if the ball hits the line is it counted in or out?

If the ball hits the line, for example on a serve, it is still considered in and the serving team will get that point. This also applies to the case where if someone blocks a hit and the ball lands on the line of the court the blocker scores that point

What is the 10ft line for in beach volleyball?

There is no 10ft line in beach volleyball, but in indoor it is to ensure that the backrow players are attacking from behind it

What do the line of demarcation do?

The line of demarcation denoted the divide between the lands of Portugal and the lands of Spain. All lands to the east of the line of demarcation belonged to Portugal and all lands to the west of the line belonged to Spain.

How can you help your Mother out of an abusive situation with your brother?

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Is it in or out when a shuttle cock lands on the line?

When a shuttle cock lands on the line, it is classed as in.

Is there an attack line in beach volleyball?


When ball out on playing volleyball?

The answer is out of line

How do you run a half court suicide drill?

On our court there are additional lines, one between the baseline and freethrow line "we'll call this line A" and one between the freethrow line and halfcourt "we'll call this line B" that I use. I believe the extra lines are for volleyball. So I line A, freethrow line, B and halfcourt for our suicides.

What is a line judge in volleyball?

the person who says if the ball landed on the line.