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6.7 m/s2

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Q: What will be the acceleration of the cue ball if the cue stick strikes the 0.18-kg cue ball with a force of 1.2 N?
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If the cue stick strikes the 0.23-kg cue ball with a force of 1.7 N what will be the acceleration of the cue ball?

7.4 m/s2

If a hockey stick exerts a force of 40 N on a 0.5-kg puck what will the resulting acceleration be?


If the cue stick strikes the 0.2kg cue ball with a force of 1.6 N... what will be the acceleration of the cue ball?

8 m/s^2 F = m*a 1.6 N = 0.2 kg * a 1.6 N / 0.2 kg = a 8 m/s^2 =a

How does a pogo stick bounce?

your Fnet forces the pogo stick down on the spring because Fnet=ma Mass and acceleration, your acceleration is that of gravity (9.8m/s/s) so you can force the spring down farther than if you were to just stand on it, once your velocity reaches zero however, you exhert no net force on the spring since your acceleration is 0 and anything times 0 equals... 0. so the spring can then force you back up

If a hockey stick exerts a force of 40 N on a 0 5kg puck what will the resulting acceleration be?

As long as the stick remains in contact with the puck and the force on it continues,F = m AA = F/m = (40 / 0.5) = 80 m/sec2

How does a gliding hockey puck illustrate Newton's laws of motion?

Newton's First Law: The hockey puck glides in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force, such as a hockey stick.Newton's Second Law: The acceleration of the puck when hit by a hockey stick is directly proportional to the force, and inversely proportional to its mass. The harder the puck is hit, the faster its acceleration. a = F/mNewton's Third Law: When the puck is hit by a hockey stick, it exerts an equal but opposite force on the hockey stick. If the hockey stick hits the puck to the right, the puck will push back against the hockey stick to the left.

A player uses a hockey stick to increase the speed of a 0.200 kg hockey puck by 6m s in 2 seconds how much force was exerted on the puck?

Since Force=mass x acceleration (and acceleration=velocity/time), hence force= 0.2 x(6/2)=0.2 x 3=0.6N

Which has more force a blunt stick or a pointed stick?

If the stick is just sitting there, it doesn't exert any force at all. If you're swinging the stick, the shape of the stick won't matter much; the force will be determined by the speed and mass of the stick. If you are poking with the stick, then the FORCE will be the same whether it is blunt or pointed - but a pointed stick will concentrate the force into a smaller AREA, so the force per area will be a lot higher with a sharp stick than with a blunt one.

Why does lighting stick your hair up before it strikes?

because of static electricity

If a hockey stick exerts a force of 40 N on a 0.5 kg puck what will the resulting acceleration be?

F = m AA = F / m = 40/0.5 = 80 m/s2

Does a stick of dynamite contain force?

No, it does not.

How much force did the puck exert 0n the hockey stick?

that depends on the force exerted by the stick on the puck. they are directly related, in other words F(puck to stick)=F(stick to puck)

What force must be responsible to stick balloon on the wall?

Electrostatic force

A player uses a hockey stick to increase the speed of a 0.200kg hockey puck by 6 ms in 2 seconds how much force was exerted on the puck?

Force equals mass times acceleration. Since the puck's velocity increased by 6 meters per second in 2 seconds its acceleration is 3 meters per second squared (6/2). Its mass is 0.2 kg. Therefore force = 0.2 * 3 Force = 0.6 newtons

What does cinco teros means?

Cinco teros are the five basic strikes of Filipino stick fighting.

Is the output force greater than the input force for a pizza cutter a hockey stick a single fixed pulley or a screw?

Hockey stick

How do you use force fury on star wars the force unleashed 2 for xbox 360?

press left analog stick and right analog stick

What is an example of buoyant force?

when you stick a float in the water

How much force does it take to brake a hockey stick?

The rating for a hockey stick's breaking point is 2,000 pounds per square inch. If it is an older stick, the needed force would be significantly reduced.

What is a beater?

A beater is someone who or something which beats something else, such as a stick beats a drum or a person who strikes another.

Is the force of an aeroplane nose diving bigger than the force of the pilot pushing the stick?

Ofcourse it is.

How do they stick on the wall?

they have air pads in their feet helps them stick on to the wall using vacuum and suction force.

How much force does it take to break a hockey stick?

If you were think that it takes all your force to break you composite hockey stick think again. It actually depends how much the stick have has been flexed foe example if you stick has been flexed about 100 times you can get a really hard pass and the stick will break.

What are some examples of hockey and newtons laws?

All the three Newtons laws of motion is applicable in the game of hockey. The ball stays where it is unless it is hit and given a force. The acceleration in the ball is proportional to the force given to it through the stick by the player. The ball when rebounds on the goal post is as per the third law of motion. As the stick, the ball and the post are rigid materials there is not much loss due to absorption.

How do you unlock Bob Orton in SvR 2010?

In Ps3 press R1 and Analaogue stick .grapple only strikes (square)

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