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Jerry Rice

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Q: What wide receiver has the single season touchdown record?
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What wide receiver holds the NCAA record for touchdown receptions in a single season?

Jarett Dillard (Senior, Rice University) broke the record for career touchdown receptions this year.

When did Tom Brady break peytons passing touchdown in a single season record?

He broke it Week 17 against the New York Giants, it was to Randy Moss, who got his 23rd touchdown that season breaking single season receiving touchdowns in a single season record.

Who set a single-season record 49 touchdown passes in 2004 in the NFL?

Peyton Manning played for the Colts from 1998-2005, setting a single-season record of 49 touchdown passes in 2004.

Who holds the record for most touchdown pass receptions in a season?

Randy Moss set the record with his 23rd touchdown catch on December 29, 2007. Jerry Rice previously held the record with 22 touchdown receptions in a single season.

Who were the colts playing when manning broke the single season touchdown record?

San Diego

How many touchdown passes did Tom Brady throw for the single season record?


Has anyone broke LaDainian Tomlinsons record?

no, no one has broken LaDainian Tomlinsons single season touchdown record

How many touchdown passes did YA title throw in a single season?

he holds the ny giants record of 36 tds in a single season

Which NFL receiver holds the record for the most touchdowns in a single game?

The single-game record for touchdown receptions is 5, held by Jerry Rice who did it three separate times.

What is the record for most touchdowns by a receiver in a single season?

Jerry Rice currently holds the single season record with 22 touchdowns in the 1987 season with the San Francisco 49ers

Who holds the Redskins single season record for the most touchdown passes?

Sonny Jurgensen - 31 in 1967.

How many NFL records does Randy Moss have?

He holds the single-season record for touchdown catches at 23.

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