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In Super Bowl XXXIII in Miami, the Atlanta Falcons' Tim Dwight (nicknamed "White Lighting") returned a kickoff 94 yards for a touchdown against the Denver Broncos.

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Q: What white return men who have scored a touchdown in the super bowl?
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Which two Pittsburgh Steelers players scored safeties in the Super Bowl?

Dwight White in Super Bowl IX and Reggie Harrison in Super Bowl X.

How many return touchdowns did Billy White Shoes Johnson score?

In his pro football career and his one year in the Canadian Football League he scored 8 touchdowns. One of these return touchdowns was in the Pro Bowl Where he set records for returning a touchdown and having 159 return yards. He was named MVP even though his team lost NFC 23 - AFC 20.

What has to happen for a play to be a touchdown?

The team that has the ball has to cross the touchdown plain (white line) and still have possession.

Is it the front edge of the goal line or the rear edge that determines the goal plane?

The front edge. In other words, if any part of the ball is over any part of the white stripe, a touchdown is scored.

Who tackled Fran tarkenton for the first safety in Super Bowl history?

Dwight white downed tarkenton after he fell on a fumble in the end zone to prevent the steelers from scoring a touchdown.

How do you get the national pokedex in Pokemon white version?

You get the National Pokedex in White Version when you defeat N. Then, you will return to your house. You will get a National Pokedex and a Super rod!

Is the white line before the endzone a touchdown?

Yes. In fact, if the ball reaches the very front edge of the goal line, just the first blade of grass with white paint on it, it's a touchdown.

What players scored 3 touchdowns in a Super Bowl?

Jerry Rice scored 3 touchdowns twice and 8 TDs in his 4 Super Bowl appearances (3 with the 49ers and 1 with the Raiders). James White of the Patriots scored 20 points, including a TD in overtime.By game, it is a 5-way tie with 3 TDsScorersRoger Craig (49ers) had 3 ( Super Bowl XIX)Jerry Rice (49ers) caught 3 twice (Super Bowl XXIV and XXIX)Ricky Watters (49ers) had 3 (Super Bowl XXIX)Terrell Davis (Broncos) had 3 (Super Bowl XXXII)James White (Patriots) had 3 and a 2-pt conversion (Super Bowl LI)

Who has the Most touchdown catches by a running back in a single season?

James White

What cowboy quarterback has thrown for most touchdown passes in a single season?

Danny White

Scored safetys in Super Bowl?

I'M not sure but I know in super bowl IX/9 Dwight white of steelers sacked Fran tarkenton of minnesota vikings for the super bowl's first safety Buffalo sacked Jeff Hostetler of the Giants for a safety in XXV.

Does the ball have to cross the entire goal line or just touch it to be a touchdown?

Any part of the ball must cross the goal line. Once any part of the ball has "broken the plane" it is a touchdown. The "whole" ball does not need to cross the line. If the ball is touching the white line, but no part of it passes the white line it is NOT a touchdown.

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