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It depends what time of the year it is and how cold the water is! In the colder seasons you will want to wear full body thick wetsuits!

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Q: What wetsuits do you wear when swimming?
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What do you have to wear to woolacombe surf?

Bathing suits or wetsuits

Can women wear junior wetsuits?

The way wetsuits fit is very important. Typically if you are a Women you will want to wear a Womens wetsuit. The overall tightness of the Wetsuit can play a major roll on whether or not you stay warm in the water. See related links for an example of women's wetsuits.

What do men wear when swimming?

Men wear swimming trunks/ shorts when swimming.

What do swimmers wear when they go swimming?

they usually wear swimming trunks, a swimming cap and a pair of goggles.

Can you wear skins in a swimming pool?

You can wear anything you want in a swimming pool

Why do scuba divers wear wetsuits?

Scuba Divers wear wetsuits for the purpose of staying warm and protection. Wetsuits are named wetsuits because they get you wet. Water goes into the wetsuit and gets trapped. This trapped water is then heated up by your body by the escaping heat. This in turn keeps you warm. Also you know how when washing dishes your hands get soft. Well that happens to your body so rubbing against anything down there will for the most part cut you. The suits keep you protected.

Why need to wear swimming attire to swim in swimming pool?

For swimming you don't need to wear anything, for modesty you do.

What is swimming trunks?

swimming shorts that boys wear to go swimming

What to wear for a girl when going swimming?

Swimming costume.

Do you wear anklets when you're swimming?

They are not necessary for swimming, but you can.

Do certain water sports require a specific wetsuit?

Different types of water sports may require different types of wetsuits. Surfing, scuba diving, and swimming wetsuits all have different requirements and are therefor constructed and designed differently to accommodate for the sports.

Should you wear flippers while swimming?

Flippers/Fins are a swimming training tool. If you are not training or practicing swimming, you should not wear them.

What is the meaning of swimming out?

The clothing you would wear while swimming is the definition of swimming out.

Do you wear a jockstrap for Swimming?


Do you wear silks in swimming?


Why cant you wear two swimming hats whiles swimming?

you can wear two but you might get a head ache.

Why are wetsuits not white?

some wetsuits are white, quicksilver make one ,so do rip curl

What are wetsuits made of?


What is the difference between a surfing wetsuit and a triathlon wetsuit?

It's important to understand that there is a difference between wetsuits made for swimming, like triathlon wetsuits, and those made for other purposes, like scuba diving and surfing. Triathlon wetsuits allow the shoulders to move freely, facilitating the swim stroke, and are thinner than other types to stay within rules for the amount of buoyancy they provide.

What clothes are worn in swimming?

swimming suit for girls and shortsx for boys. you can wear leggings for swimming

What do ladies wear when they go swimming?

They don't have to wear anything.

Where do men wear speedos?

They usually wear them to go swimming in.

Where can a kid's wetsuit be bought?

Wetsuits Warehouse is a website that sells a range of wetsuits for kids. Amazon and Wal-Mart also offer a decent selection of children's wetsuits and for adults as well.

Can you wear a wetsuit in the swimming pool?

Sure! Just be sure to give it a extra good cleaning afterwards to remove any chemicals that could be potentialy dangerous to the neoprene of the wetsuit. Also, you may think of wearing a shorty...! Full wetsuits might make you too hot!

Why do we wear wetsuits?

because the Atlantic ocean is freezin and Cornwall is home to some comitted English surfers who surf all year round