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Q: What western sport does the Indian game Gillie Danda most resemble?
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What is called Gilli danda in Sanskrit?

Gilli danda

What is Danda Bazar's population?

Danda Bazar's population is 2,476.

What is Shanti Danda's population?

The population of Shanti Danda is 4,373.

What is Aathbis Danda's population?

Aathbis Danda's population is 4,638.

What is Valaya Danda's population?

Valaya Danda's population is 5,770.

What is Lakuri Danda's population?

Lakuri Danda's population is 3,456.

How tall is Yasunori Danda?

Yasunori Danda is 170 cm.

What language does Danda originate from?

A variation of Danda, called Ndau: Danda originates in Mozambique. It is however, VERY hard to find any sort of origins for the original Danda, and there is currently no records available online for this language.

When was Mahamadou Danda born?

Mahamadou Danda was born on 1951-07-25.

When was Danda Venkata Subba Reddy born?

Danda Venkata Subba Reddy was born in 1899.

When did Danda Venkata Subba Reddy die?

Danda Venkata Subba Reddy died in 1987.

When was Yasunori Danda born?

Yasunori Danda was born on January 24, 1957, in Kyoto, Japan.