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The Braves were in Boston until 1953, when they moved to Milwaukee until 1966, and they've played in Atlanta since then.

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Q: What were the two cities the Atlanta Braves had their home?
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How can you find the rosters for the Atlanta Braves in 1982 and 1983?

Click on the '1982 Atlanta Braves Roster' and '1983 Atlanta Braves Roster' links on this page to see the Braves' roster for those two seasons.

In major league baseball what city is home to the Braves?

that answer could go two ways. back in the late 1800's the braves were in boston, ma but currentyly they reside in atlanta, ga. also home to the original grilled chesseburger at The Vortex.

Rookie to hit two home runs in a World Series game?

In Game 1 of the 1996 World Series, rookie Andruw Jones of the Atlanta Braves hit home runs in his first two at bats.

What athletic teams are based in the City of Atlanta in the US State of Georgia?

The two athletic teams that are based in the City of Atlanta, GA, are the Atlanta Braves & the Atlanta Falcons.

What was the date the Atlanta Braves won the World Series in 1995?

The Atlanta Braves won the World Series on October 28, 1995. They defeated the Cleveland Indians, four games to two.

What cities use the most coupons?

Atlanta and Washington, D.C. are two cities that use the most coupons. Right behind Atlanta and DC is Tampa and Charlotte as the cities who use the most coupons.

Which two Atlanta Braves hitters hit .217 in their careers with the Braves?

Del Rice Brad Komminsk Chuck Cottier Joe Morgan

What are the names of all the players who wore number ten for the Atlanta Braves before Chipper Jones?

There were only two players that wore the number 10 jersey for the Atlanta Braves before Chipper Jones. The names of the two players are Chris Chambliss and Greg Olson.

How many teams did Hank Aaron play on?

Two - the Braves and the Brewers. One might argue three, since the Braves moved from Milwaukee to Atlanta during his career.

What are the two largest cities on the eastern Continental Divide?

Charlottesville, VA and Atlanta, GA

What two teams completed in the 1995 World Series?

The Atlanta Braves beat the Cleveland Indians in the 1995 World Series.

What is the two professional sports that play in Atlanta?

There are actually four professional sports teams that play in Atlanta, Georgia. The Atlanta Braves are a professional baseball team The Atlanta Falcons are a professional football team The Atlanta Thrashers are a professional hockey team The Atlanta Hawks are a professional basketball team