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The New England vs Dallas gamelog:

Oct 24, 1971 L New England Patriots @ Dallas Cowboys 21-44

Nov 16, 1975 L New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys 31-34

Dec 3, 1978 L New England Patriots @ Dallas Cowboys 10-17

Sep 21, 1981 L New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys 21-35

Nov 22, 1984 L New England Patriots @ Dallas Cowboys 17-20

Nov 15, 1987 L New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys 17-23

Dec 15, 1996 L New England Patriots @ Dallas Cowboys 6-12

Dec 5, 1999 W New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys 13-6

Nov 16, 2003 W New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys 12-0

Oct 14, 2007 W New England Patriots @ Dallas Cowboys 48-27

Oct 16, 2011 W New England Patriots vs Dallas Cowboys 20-16

Oct 11, 2015 W New England Patriots @ Dallas Cowboys 30-6

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Q: What were the scores in the Dallas Cowboys and the New England Patriots games?
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What were the scores for Dallas and Arizona?

On Christmas Day 2010, the Arizona Cardinals defeated the Dallas Cowboys, 27-26, at University of Phoenix Stadium.

What are the scores for Super Bowls won by Dallas Cowboys?

Dallas 24 Miami 3 Dallas 27 Denver 10 Dallas 52 Buffalo 17 Dallas 30 Buffalo 13 Dallas 27 Pittsburgh 17

What are the final scores of all Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers games?

21-17 pitt 35-31 pitt

How many times did Donovan McNabb play against the Dallas Cowboys?

Twenty times. McNabb had a 12-8 regular-season record against the Dallas Cowboys. He passed for 4,122 yards and 26 touchdowns while running for 412 yards and five scores. He lost his only playoff appearance against Dallas in 2009.

What were the quarters scores of super bowl XXX1?

Quarter 1: New England Patriots- 14 Green Bay Packers- 10 Quarter 2: New England Patriots- 0 Green bay Packers- 17 Quarter 3: New England Patriots- 7 Green Bay Packers- 8 Quarter 4: New England Patriots- 0 Green Bay Packers- 0 *Total*: New England Patriots- 21 Green Bay Packers- 35

What are the scores of the Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl wins?

In the year 1972 it was 24- 3 In 1978, 27-10 In 1993, 52-17 In 1994, 30-13 In 1996, 27-17

Where might one look in an almanac to find previous years NCAA football scores for the Dallas Cowboys?

You would look under the sports part of if it says basketball or football. You can find it somewhere in the almanac for previous years scores of any professional team out here.

What is the scores for England vs Switzerland?


What were the 2012 Super Bowl scores by quarters?

Super Bowl XLVI scores by quarters:1st quarter - Giants (9) Patriots (0)2nd quarter - Patriots (10) Giants (0)3rd quarter - Patriots (7) Giants (6)4th quarter - Giants (6) Patriots (0)

What teams played in super bowl historyand scores?

I Green Bay Packers 35 Kansas City Chiefs 10 II Green Bay Packers 33 Oakland Raiders 14 III New York Jets 16 Baltimore Colts 7 IV Kansas City Chiefs 23 Minnesota Vikings 7 V Baltimore Colts 16 Dallas Cowboys 13 VI Dallas Cowboys 24 Miami Dolphins 3 VII Miami Dolphins 14 Washington Redskins 7 VIII Miami Dolphins 24 Minnesota Vikings 7 IX Pittsburgh Steelers 16 Minnesota Vikings 6 X Pittsburgh Steelers 21 Dallas Cowboys 17 XI Oakland Raiders 32 Minnesota Vikings 14 XII Dallas Cowboys 27 Denver Broncos 10 XIII Pittsburgh Steelers 35 Dallas Cowboys 31 XIV Pittsburgh Steelers 31 Los Angeles Rams 19 XV Oakland Raiders 27 Philadelphia Eagles 10 XVI San Francisco 49ers 26 Cincinnatti Bengals 21 XVII Washington Redskins 27 Miami Dolphins 17 XVIII Los Angeles Raiders 38 Washington Redskins 9 XIX San Francisco 49ers 38 Miami Dolphins 16 XX Chicago Bears 46 New England Patriots 10 XXI New York Giants 39 Denver Broncos 20 XXII Washington Redskins 42 Denver Broncos 10 XXIII San Francisco 49ers 20 Cincinnatti Bengals 16 XXIV San Francisco 49ers 55 Denver Broncos 10 XXV New York Giants 20 Buffalo Bills 19 XXVI Washington Redskins 37 Buffalo Bills 24 XXVII Dallas Cowboys 52 Buffalo Bills 17 XXVIII Dallas Cowboys 30 Buffalo Bills 13 XXIX San Francisco 49ers 49 San Diego Chargers 26 XXX Dallas Cowboys 27 Pittsburgh Steelers 17 XXXI New England Patriots 21 Green Bay Packers 35 XXXII Denver Broncos 31 Green Bay Packers 24 XXXIII Denver Broncos 34 Atlanta Falcons 19 XXXIV St. Louis Rams 23 Tennessee Titans 16 XXXV Baltimore Ravens 34 New York Giants 7 XXXVI New England Patriots 20 St Louis Rams 17 XXXVII Tampa Bay Buccaneers 48 Oakland Raiders 21 XXXVIII New England Patriots 32 Carolina Panthers 29 XXXIX New England Patriots 24 Philadelphia Eagles 21 XL Pittsburgh Steelers 21 Seattle Seahawks 10 XLI Indianapolis Colts 29 Chicago Bears 17 XLII New York Giants 17 New England Patriots 14

What were the quarterly scores for Super bowl XLVI?

giants 21 patriots 17

When were the New England Patriots banned from monday night footballl?

The New England Patriots were not allowed to host a Monday Night Footbal game between 1982 and 1994. The Patriots MNF game in 1981 was a raucous and rowdy affair, with scores of arrests and alcohol fueled fan violence. After that demonstration of boorish behavior by the Pats Faithful, the Town of Foxborough petitioned the NFL to ban MNF games in New England. The NFL consented, and the Patriots were not allowed to have any more home MNF games. Until 1995 that is. The new owner of the Patriots, Bob Kraft, sucessfully petitioned the Town of Foxborough and the NFL to allow MNF to return to Foxborough.

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