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The playoff scores for the Ravens 2001 Super Bowl (2000 season) run were:

Ravens - Broncos (home) - 21-3

The best part about that game was watching Shannon Sharpe (recently released by the Broncos earlier that year by Mike Shanahan) grab a tipped ball and run the ball in for a touchdown, right in front of Shanahan and the rest of the Broncos.

Ravens - Titans - 24-10

Ravens - Raiders (AFC Championship) 16-3

Ravens - Giants (Super Bowl XXXV) 34-7

For the 2013 playoffs (2012 season) and Super Bowl XLVII win:

Ravens - Colts 24-9

Ravens - Broncos 38-35 (double overtime)

Ravens - Patriots 28-13 AFC Championship

Ravens - 49ers 34-31 Super Bowl XLVII

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Q: What were the scores for the Baltimore Ravens playoff games the year they went to the super bowl?
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In what state do the Baltimore Ravens play their home games?


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