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USC leads the all time series 5-2-1 with 1 game vacated.

1) 1963 - Oklahoma 17, USC 12

2) 1964 - USC 40, Oklahoma 14

3) 1971 - Oklahoma 33, USC 20

4) 1973 - USC 7, Oklahoma 7

5) 1981 - USC 28, Oklahoma 24

6) 1982 - USC 12, Oklahoma 0

7) 1988 - USC 23, Oklahoma 7

8) 1992 - USC 20, Oklahoma 10

9) 2005 - USC 55, Oklahoma 19 (Orange Bowl) - this win was vacated by USC after they were found to have used ineligible players during the 2004 season.

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Q: What were the results of all USC vs Oklahoma football games?
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