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Yes they did, warriors sometimes rode on horseback. William brought over many horses by boat for the use of his cavalry which were used at Hastings.

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Calvary is the name for people on horses

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Q: What were the people on horses called in the Battle of Hastings?
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Why were horses important for the people at the time of the hastings?

Because they would get tire of walking during the battle sothey had horses

Why was horses important in the Battle of Hastings?

so that people on the horse could see above every o ne else who was fighting

Which battle took place in hastings in 1066?

the battle of hastings

How many people did William of Normandy in the battle of Hastings?

there were 270000000 men who fought in the battle of hastings for William of Normandy

What jobs did William give people in the battle of hastings?

The job of William, Duke of Normandy during the Battle of Hastings was to lead the men to victory by out maneuvering the enemy. This was accomplished by having men with bow and arrow on foot, knights on horses, and other men on foot with clubs.

How many people were there in the Battle of Hastings?


How did the battle of hastings affect the people?


How many people was killed in the Battle of Hastings?

700 people

How many people were in the battle of hastings?

11,000 Normans 7,000 English. 18,000 men altogether

Why were the people of England so worried when Edward the confessor died in the Battle of Hastings?

Edward the Confessor died months before the Battle of Hastings.

Harold Godwinson was defeated at the Battle of Hastings in what year?

Harold Godwineson, (note that his name is spelt with an 'e.' Many people make this mistake arrived just outside Hastings in a place which is, today, called 'Battle.' This is where the Battle Of Hastings took place. He arrived on October 14th, 1066. Check out friv!

Who are the people in the bayeux tapestry?

It depicts the Battle of Hastings fought between the English and the French in Hastings, so the people who fought are on the tapestry