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Chamonix, France 1924

St Moritz, Switzerland 1928

Lake Placid, New York, USA 1932

Garmisch Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany 1936

St Moritz, Switzerland 1948

Oslo, Norway 1952

Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy 1956

Squaw Valley, California, USA 1960

Innsbruck, Austria 1964

Grenoble, France 1968

Sapporo, Japan 1972

Innsbruck, Austria 1976

Lake Placid, New York, USA 1980

Sarajevo, Yugoslavia 1984

Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1988

Albertville, France 1992

Lillehammer, Norway 1994

Nagano, Japan 1998

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA 2002

Turin, Italy 2006

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2010

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The only city hosting the 2010 Winter Olympics is Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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There were no Olympics in 1969.

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Q: What were the past host cities for the Winter Olympic games?
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Where can you find a list of the Olympic Games and their host cities?

Click on the 'Olympic Games Host Cities' link on this page and scroll down about 3/4 of the way to find the host cities of all Olympic Games dating back to 1896.

Did the Bahamas ever host a winter or summer Olympic Games and if so what year did they host it?

The Bahamas has never hosted an Olympic games.

What is the host nation of the 2014 Winter Olympic games?

Russia will host them in Sochi.

When did Italy host the olympic winter games?

Turin, Italy hosted the Winter Games in 2006.

What must a city have to host the Olympic winter games?


Host of the 1998 winter olympic games?

Nagano, Japan.

Can any city host the winter olympic games?


Did Vietnam host a winter or summer olympic games?

Not yet

Did years did Yugoslavia host the Olympic Games?

The 1984 Winter Games in Sarajevo.

Which city will host the 2014 winter Olympic Games?

Sochi, Russia.

Which state was the host of two olympic winter games?

New York

How do the countries get to host the Olympic games?

Cities apply for the spot, then the International Olympic Committee (I.O.C.) takes a handful of those cities as candidates. Then from those cities the I.O.C. votes for one city to hold the Olympic Games.