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Everybody liked the old colors better but there was a good reason to change the colors. The advertising companies couldn't always get the shade of purple exactly the same as the last one. Also, the Rockies' main color was purple and only one team in every division is supposed to have every main color. There were no red teams in the NL West Division.

I personally liked the green and purple colors better and the Diamondbacks also played better and won a championship with the old colors. I still wear the old colors on my hats and T-Shirts. The majority of the MLB actually wears red.

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Prior to the 2007 season, the Diamondbacks colors were purple, copper, and turquoise.

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The Arizona Diamondbacks home jersey is currently white with streaks of sedona red

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Sedona Red and Sonoran Sand

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red,white, navy blue

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Q: What were the original colors of the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team?
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