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any sport that i feel women cannot play which is quite a few.

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Q: What were the olympic sports that women were not allowed to play?
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Related questions

What are sports that women are not allowed to play?

There are no sports in which women are not allowed to play. However, there must be a minimum amount of participating women for there to be an actual sports association for women (as there are men), but there are no sports in which women are not allowed to play. Something strange at my school is that girls can play football but boys can't play volleyball.

When were women first allowed to play sports?

They were allowed to play sports in 1900.

When were women allowed to play in the olympics?

The first Olympic Games to include female athletes was the 1900 Olympic games in Paris. Twenty two women competed that year in five sports events.

Why were women in early Greece allowed to play in the olympic games?

Women in early Greece were not allowed to take part in their olympic games.

Were women allowed to play in ancient olympic games?


What year were the ladies allowed to play in the Olympics?

Women were officially first allowed to compete in Olympic sports in the Second Olympiad, held in 1900 in Paris, France.

Why were women not allowed to play in the Ancient Greece Olympic games?

Women in Ancient Greek were considered inferior to men and did not have the same rights. For that reason they were not allowed to participate in the Olympic games.

How have Olympic sports changed over the years?

there has been way more sports and women can play now

What year were women first allowed to complete in the modern Olympic Games?

In the Ancient Olympics, women were not allowed to play at all, and the only way to "compete" in a sense, was to enter horses in an equestrian competition. Women participated first in 1900 Paris Games and could play lawn tennis and golf. Athletics and gymnastics were available to women in 1928. In 2012, this year, women boxing was allowed, so now there are no sports that don't allow women.

What sports were women not allowed to play in past history?


Which sports women are not allowed to play?

i dont think there is any.

What sports can't women play in the winter Olympic games 2010?

Ski Jumping

Did women play sports in Victorian times?

Yes they did but they were not allowed to go into contests.

What sports are women participating in?

At one point in time, women were not allowed to play sports. Now, during present times, you can find women playing any sport they desire.

What year were women allowed to play sports?

in 1900 it is so correct i was born in 1998

What sports did ancient greek women play?

They weren't allowed to participate. They belong in the kitchen.

What is the difference of the modern and ancient Olympic prizes?

people play NAKED!!!! people play NAKED!!!! no women was allowed to compete they was no olympic torch relay HOPE this helped! Keep smiling

When the girls can play Tennis at the Olympic Games?

Women were first allowed to compete in tennis at the 1900 Games in Paris.

Why were they naked during the Olympic games?

Because if women are not allowed to play in the Olympics and they wanted to make sure women didnt participate only men.

What games did they play at the first olympic games?

It originally consisted of foot races. Only men were allowed to compete, women weren't even allowed to watch.

What are all sports girs are allowed to play?

Uhh...Girls are allowed to play all sports.

What sports women play on?

Women play sports of all kinds.

How many women play sports?

There are millions of women currently who play sports. Women now play basketball, soccer, football, hockey, and several other sports.

How are women viewed in sports?

Women are viewed as strong competitors in sports. Women like Serena Williams and Misty May Treanor are seen as some of the very best players in their respective sport, regardless of gender. Both of these women have earned Olympic medals based on how amazingly well they play their games.

Did Dan Haggerty play professional sports?

dan haggerty didnt play the professional sports but he considered to play the world olympic games by the majority of the athletes didnt get the chance to play the normal olympics instead of the professional sports.