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They were called shipwrights

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Q: What were the names of craftsmen who built sailing ships?
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When were large sailing ships built?

They still are

What type of craftsman were needed to make wooden sailing ships of 1800?

Shipwrights were the main craftsmen required.

Americans built fast sailing ships called?

That would be our clipper ships, sailor!

Ships built by trading companies for trips to the East indies were called?

they were called Sailing Ships

Were steam ships used before sailing ships?

First were sailing ships, THEN steam ships.

How were sailing ships different from galleys?

Sailing ships had rudders at the stern.

How was the early sailing ships during the colonial time of US?

Quite sturdy & efficient, but not built for comfort...

What is a fast sailing ship called?

A Clipper was the fastest of all sailing ships.For a sailing ships to be faster draught of that ship must be low.Other fast-sailing ships are:CarrackCaravelSloopSchoonerBrigBrigandineBarque

What led to the regular sailing of the ships from Europe to Asia?

Treade led to the regular sailing of the ships from Europe to Asia

Where steam ships used before sailing ships?


What are the ships called at the battle of Trafalgar?

Wooden sailing ships.

What was the named for the streamlined sailing ships that took over the high speed ocean trade of the early to mid eighteen hundreds?

These were called the "clipper ships", and were predominantly British and American ships. They were narrower than previous vessels, and among the fastest sailing ships ever built. They were only eclipsed by the development of practical steam power.

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