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Philadelphia Pro Football Teams

  • 1901 Philadelphia Professionals (Independent)

  • 1902 Philadelphia Phillies (original National Football League)

  • 1902 Philadelphia Athletics (original National Football League)

  • 1920 Union AA (Independent, changed name to Quakers in 1921)

  • 1921 Philadelphia Quakers (Independent, owned by Union Athletic Association)

  • 1924 Frankford Yellow Jackets (National Football League)

  • 1926 Philadelphia Quakers (American Football League)

  • 1933 Philadelphia Eagles (same team, new owner, new name) (NFL)

  • 1943 Due to a player shortage caused by WW II, the Philadelphia Eagles and Pittsburgh Steelers temporarily merged into a single team, playing under the name of Eagles. The team was often referred to in the vernacular as the Steagles; however, the official NFL record book simply lists them as "Phil-Pitt" (NFL)

  • 1974 Philadelphia Bell (World Football League)

  • 1983 Philadelphia Stars (United States Football League)

  • 2004 Philadelphia Soul (Arena Football League)

The Eagles changed owners and stadiums more often than they changed names.
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Q: What were the names of all the professonal football teams in Philadelphia?
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