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Q: What were the names and corresponding jersey numbers for the 1970 Dallas Cowboys football team?
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What is Chris Brown favorite football team?

his favorite football team is the dallas cowboys

Are the cowboys a baseball team?

Dallas CowboysNo. The Cowboys are a football team that plays in Dallas for the NFL.

What is demi lovato's favorite football team?

dallas cowboysDallas cowboys

What sport do the Dallas Cowboys play?

The Dallas Cowboys play American-style Football.

Who is better in football Dallas Cowboys or Miami Dolphins?

I am a fan of the cowboys so I gotta say the dallas cowboys!!

What do cowboys play?

if your speaking of the dallas cowboys the sport is football

What is the Dallas football team name?

It's the Dallas Cowboys

When did the Dallas Cowboys start playing?

The Dallas Cowboys played their first Football Game in 1960.

How won the football game between Dallas Cowboys and the eagles?


Which football team is the richest?

The Dallas cowboys

What is the best team in football?

Dallas Cowboys

What has the author Jeff Meyers written?

Jeff Meyers has written: 'Dallas Cowboys' -- subject(s): Biography, Dallas Cowboys (Football team), Football, Football players 'Hereafter'

What league are the cowboys in?

In the National Football League, the Dallas Cowboys are in the Eastern Division of the National Football Conference.

Why is there a star on the cowboys helment?

The football team Cowboys are the Dallas Cowboys, from Dallas Texas and Texas is often called the Lone Star State.

How long have the Dallas Cowboys played?

The Dallas Cowboys joined the National Football League as an expansion team in 1960.

How long has the Dallas Cowboys been in the national football league?

The Dallas Cowboys have been with the NFL since 1960.

Who is number 36 on the Dallas Cowboys football team?

No one currently wears that number for the 2014 Dallas Cowboys.

What are all the names for the Dallas Cowboys football team?

Since 1960, they have only been known as the Dallas Cowboys.

When were the Dallas cowboys first discover?

The Dallas Cowboys joined the National Football League as an expansion team in 1960.

Is Miles Austin still on the Dallas Cowboys team?

No, Miles Austin was released from the Dallas Cowboys football team.

Which football team was the Dallas Cowboys watch named after?

"The Dallas cowboys watch was named after, the Dallas cowboys. The team is based out of Dallas, Texas and they have their stadium there. Other than that I am not sure what the question is really talking about."

When did the COWBOYS football team start?

The Dallas Cowboys joined the National Football League in 1960 as an expansion team.

Who is the number one football team?

Dallas, Cowboys

What is the value of a football signed by the Dallas Cowboys?


What are the best football teams ever?