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Q: What were the ideals that Baron de Coubertin wanted to further through the Olympic Games?
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What are two Olympic ideals?

the olympic ideal means that it doesn't matter if you don't win

Jefferson wanted to do what to further republican ideals?

Reduce the size and activities of the federal government

How do ideals spread through countries and then internationally?

Ideals through migration. As people travel they bring along their cultures, and tradition and as a result people displace ideas that are no longer in place.

What is the point in having a olympic flame?

The Olympic torch relay was a ritual that was introduced at the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. It was intended to symbolize the "passing of the torch" of western civilization from the ancient Greeks to the Third Reich. Since then, the torch relay ritual has been "re-purposed" to symbolize the passing of the Olympic spirit or ideals from Greece to the hosting country.

How has Shakespeare affected the 21st century?

He created ideals of love and passion through his poetry.

What were the goals of enlightened despots?

They claimed that they wanted to carry out enlightenment ideals through political and social reform

What did john wesley pass unto us?

he passed on to us his ideals on to us through the methodist church.

How many rays are passed through a lens?

All of them that go through it. The question is meaningless, since "rays" are not actual physical things, but geometric ideals.

What are Filipino Ideals?

Filipino ideals typically include strong family values, resilience in the face of adversity, hospitality and generosity towards others, and a sense of community and unity among Filipinos. Additionally, the concept of "bayanihan" or collective spirit to help one another is a key ideal in Filipino culture.

Rookie correctional officers learn through socialization that?

they must adhere to the established norms and values of the correctional institution, including maintaining discipline, security, and order. They also learn the importance of following proper procedures and protocols in order to ensure the safety of themselves, their colleagues, and the inmates in their care. Additionally, they may learn to navigate power dynamics and hierarchies within the institution to effectively carry out their duties.

Which of the following could be considered a primary primary function of an epic?

show the ideals of a culture through the actions of a hero

What has the author Ideals Magazine Staff written?

Ideals Magazine Staff has written: 'Home ideals' -- subject(s): Accessible book