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Q: What were the hats called that the patriots wore?
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Did the patriots wear hats in the revolutionary war?

The British redcoats usually wore a wierd point in the back, flat in the front hat. Most captains and naval officers wore the tricorne. The tricorne was the main sea hat, the recoats on ground wore different hats to individualze each regiment.

When was When Everyone Wore Hats created?

When Everyone Wore Hats was created in 1995.

What were those black hats that the black panther party wore called?

In street parlance, the hats were called Tams, after their resemblance to Tam O'Shanter I would imagine?

Who were the redcoats or also called lobsterbacks?

they were the Loyalists. the Patriots wore blue at the time

What do colonial bakers wear?

Bakers wore aprons and puffy hats as well as dresses

What is the name of the hat the KKK wear?

The name of the hats they WORE was: Conical Hats. They are called this due to their shape. The hats being shaped like a cone. "White costumes consisting of robes, masks, and conical hats."

What clothes did the Americans in the west wore?

The ladies wore dreses and heels and hats. Men wore pants,shirts (long sleeve),boots and hats

Who wore number 32 for patriots in 1996?

Defensive Back Willie Clay wore #32 for the 1996 Patriots.

What do bakers wear?

Bakers wore aprons and puffy hats. this is what they wore

Did first class passengers wear small hats?

no they wore large hats, they look like wedding hats:)

What color jersey are the patriots wearing for Super Bowl XLVI?

The Patriots wore their home blue jerseys.

Who wore number 76 for the New England Patriots in 1979?

No one on the active roster wore the number 76 in 1979 for the Patriots.