What were the goals of the national?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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give communities a place to meet and organize farmers to demand oilitical change

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Q: What were the goals of the national?
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How many goals for the Portuguese national team has Cristiano Ronaldo scored?

24 national goals in all competitions

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How many goals has rual scored with Spain national?

I think it is 44 goals.

Who scored the most goals for the England national team?

Sir Bobby Charlton at 49 goals

What does NPSG stand for?

National Patient Safety Goals.

Who was the highest all time scorer in the Brazilian football national team and with how many goals?

It is Pele.with 1,200 goals.

How much goals maradona did score in international matches?

maradona has scored 34 goals in Argentina national team

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Preservation and Recreation.

Who has scored the most goals in soccer in national games?


What individual has scored the most goals for a national soccer team?

Ali Daei is the all-time highest scorer for a national football team, with 109 international goals in 149 caps.

How many goals has drogba scored all together?

151 league goals as at 10 March 2012 54 national goals 205 all together

How many goals has Miroslav Klose has scored for German National in all competition?

As of 21st March, 2011, Miroslav Klose has scored 59 goals in 106 appearances for the Germany National Team.