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All of them were looking for a water route to Asia.

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Q: What were the goals of the English exploration?
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What were the British's goals for exploration?

They wanted the three "G's"

One of its goals was scientific exploration of the moon?


One of its goals was scientific exploration of the moon.?


What was his exploration goal?

The goals were to be rich and famous and get silk and spices.

What were the goals of the European nations that started sailing out into the world during the age of exploration?

Exploration and commerce to create wealth

What were the main goals of European countries during the age of exploration?

Finding riches.

What was Samuel de champlains goals of his exploration?

Samuel de Champlain's goals of exploration were to establish a French colony in North America, find a passage to Asia, and map the regions he explored and establish trade relations with Native American groups. He played a major role in the French exploration and colonization of Canada.

What were Spanish conquistadors goals for exploration?

The phrase that is associated with the Conquistadors is "god, gold, and glory."

What were the motivations and goals of europeans during the age of exploration?

They were mainly in search of profit and knowledge.

What were the goals and motivation for European exploration?

The goals of European exploration were to find new trade routes to Asia, spread Christianity, acquire wealth and resources, and expand their empires. European countries were motivated by competition with each other, a desire for knowledge and discovery, and the potential for economic and political power that exploration could bring.

Which monarch sponsored English exploration?

Elizibeth l

What were david livingstone's exploration goals?

David Livingstone's exploration goals were to map the uncharted regions of Africa, discover the source of the Nile River, and spread Christianity and abolish the slave trade in Africa. He also aimed to promote commerce and establish trade routes in the interior of Africa.