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Q: What were the first written rules of golf drawn up?
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What has the author Mark Russell written?

Mark Russell has written: 'Golf rules plain & simple' -- subject(s): Rules, Golf

What year were the first known rules of golf made?

The First Known Written Rules of Golf Were Drafted in 1744. They were put into writing by the Gentlemen Golfers of Leith, now the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers based at Muirfield. The rules were written for the Annual Challenge for the Edinburgh Silver Club in 1744.

What has the author Francis Ouimet written?

Francis Ouimet has written: 'The rules of golf' -- subject(s): Golf 'Golf facts for young people' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Golf

What has the author Rhonda Glenn written?

Rhonda Glenn has written: 'The Rules of Golf Simplified'

What has the author John Companiotte written?

John Companiotte has written: 'Jimmy Demaret' -- subject(s): Biography, Golfers 'Golf Rules & Etiquette Simplified' -- subject(s): Etiquette, Golf, Rules

What has the author Charles Crombie written?

Charles Crombie has written: 'Some classic rules of golf'

Who wrote the rules of golf?

The first rules of golf were a code of 13 rules written in 1744 by the Honorable Company of Edinburgh Golfers. In 1754 the Society of St. Andrews Golfers (who would later become known as the R&A) also adopted this set of rules. As golf continued to grow, in 1888 the, now named, Royal & Ancient Golf Club at St. Andrews drew up a new code of rules. By the next year the R&A became generally accepted as golf's ruling body. Now the R&A and USGA govern the rules of golf for the world and meet regularly to discuss and coordinate new rules and rule changes.

Second chance for first shot in Golf?

A second chance at your first shot in golf is referred to as a "mulligan". Of course, it is not within the Rules of Golf, but weekend players do it all the time.

When did golf become a professional sport?

It was 1744 when golf has the first-known rules of golf were put down in writing in Edinburgh. Modern golf started that year and so on.

How many rules were there in the original rules of golf?

13 rules of golf. Please see related link.

Who were the rules of golf created by?

Royal & Ancient Golf Ass'n., U.K.

How many golf rules are there?


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