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Novembe 6 1869 Rutegers V Princeton.played by London football association rule,thus American football began to take shape

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Q: What were the first 2 teams to play a football game?
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What to teams play football game each year on thankgiving?

what two teams play football game each year on thankgining

When was the first football game played in NC who were the teams where did they play?

1902 by BDogg 27

What state do the New York football teams play their game?

NO 😒

What were the first football teams to play?

the Chicago bears

Who was the first NFL team to play organized football?

The first National Football League teams to play against each other were the Allegheny Athletic Association and the Pittsburgh Athletic Association. The first game was played in 1892.?æ

Who where the first teams to play football?

melbourne vs geelong

What is are NFL football teams?

They are football teams that play for the National Football Leage

What year did the Oakland Raiders play their first game?

The Raiders and other teams in the American Football League began playing in 1960.

Who were the first teams to play football NFL football?

im not sure, but i think it was the Bears and the Cardinals

Is the game of football a concrete or abstract noun?

The noun 'football' for a game of football is an abstract noun, a word for the sum total of rules, teams, space, and equipment used to play the game. The game of football is a concept. The noun 'football' is a concrete noun as a word for the ball used to play the game.

How many teams play in the Football Confederations Cup?

There are many teams who play in the Football Confederations Cup. In the year 2012, there were 16 different football teams that competed in the competition.

What is the first play in a football game?


Who the first one to play football?

the teams were Rutgers university .V.S. Princeton.

What was the name of the first college football team?

The name of the first team would be up for debate since there had to be two teams to actually play football. Rutgers and Princeton played the first game in 1869. I am not aware that one claims to have organized before the other. When the games were first being played, Rutgers teams were the "Queensmen". I am not aware of Princeton's team name. There must be two teams so that begs the question, which of the two teams involved in the first "football" game organized first? The game, in 1869 was between Princeton University and the Rutgers University Queensmen. I am unaware of Princeton calling their teams by any formal name at the time. Whether that was considered "college football" is up to interpretation since it was more akin to rugby.

When did people first begin to play football?

People first started to play football in the United States around 1850. Professional football started around 1890 with the formation of teams and owner's clubs.

What states do the football teams play?

OK first off you have to know what football teams they are ...and the specific team or teams you want to know about! Next, they play in all different states....and lastly you have to be more specific on weither your talking about the usa or another continent.

Two teams tied for first place one team still has one game to play and they win that game who gets first place?

The two teams couldn't be tied for first if one team had another game to play. That team would be a 1/2 a game behind. If after the game, they are then tied a one game play-off results.

How many teams play in the football playoffs?

the 16 best teams. they play in the playoffs.

How does one play Pro Football Pickem?

Pro Football Pick'em is an online football orientated game, in which the objective is to accumulate points through the selection of winning football teams. The game can be played online through Yahoo.

Which college football teams have never played in a bowl game?

the cal state san marcos team since they dont play football

What football teams play 2 5 3 formation?

The two teams on a table football table!

Who was the first woman to play collage football?

the first woman to play in a college football game. Ashley Martin (born c. 1981) is an American.

How many teams play for football?

There are 32 NFL teams as of 2007

When did dallas play first ever football game?


Where did Matthew Richardson play his first football game?

At the MCG

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