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As long as they have had a mascot they've been the Orangemen (changed to just the Orange in 2004) but in 1890 they changed the school color from rose pink and pea green to orange and the mascot grew from that.

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Q: What were the Syracuse orangemen called first?
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How many time have the Syracuse orangemen been in the sweet 16?

The Syracuse Orangemen have made 19 appearances in the Sweet 16

What is the team name of Syracuse basketball?


How did the orangemen get their name?

The Orangemen are actually no longer called the Orangemen, and have been forced to change it to simply Syracuse Orange. The term Orangemen was seen as a racial slur against Native Americans, and the mascot was retired several years ago.

What is Syracuse college basketball team name?


How did Syracuse get the name Orangemen?

Named after a coach Orange

Where does the name Syracuse Orangemen come from?

The official school color of Syracuse University since 1890 is orange. In 2004 the nicknames "Orangemen" and "Orangewomen" were officially changed to the gender neutral "Orange".

5 is the answer to?

What was Donovan McNabbs number when he played QB for the Syracuse Orangemen?

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The cast of 2001 Insight.Com Bowl - 2001 includes: Rod Gilmore as Himself - Color Commentator James Mungro as Himself - Syracuse Orangemen Running Back Paul Pasqualoni as Himself - Syracuse Orangemen Head Coach Clifton Smith as Himself - Syracuse Orangemen Linebacker

Did Carmelo Anthony ever play at the dome?

Yes, he played for the Syracuse Orangemen.

Who won the Cotton Bowl in 1959?

Syracuse Orangemen won the 1959 Cottonbowl!!

What was Jim browns lacrosse team called?

Jim Brown played for Manhasset High School on Long Island, NY Then for the Syracuse University Orangemen.

Do Orangemen march in New York?

Only if they went to Syracuse University. The rest of them stay in Ireland.

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