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Before they were called Pittsburgh Pirates. Now the Baseball team in Pittsburgh is called The Pittsburgh Pirates

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Q: What were the Pittsburgh penguins originally called?
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What were the Pittsburgh Penguins originally named?

That was there name from the start but an AHL Team was In Pittsburgh they were the Pirates

What were the penguins called before 1961?

There was no Pittsburgh Penguins till 1967.

What were the Pittsburgh penguins called prior to 1961?

They where called the pirates before

When was Pittsburgh Penguins created?

Pittsburgh Penguins was created in 1967.

Why is nhl team Pittsburgh penguins called penguins?

They were first known as the Pittsburgh Pirates but this changed because they played in the "igloo" which is the nick name of the mellon arena.

Which is better the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Detroit Red Wings?

Pittsburgh Penguins

Do the Pittsburgh Penguins play hockey?

The Pittsburgh Penguins is a hockey team

Is there a Pittsburgh Penguins website?

The Official Pittsburgh Penguins site is:

What is the new Pittsburgh penguins arena called?

Consol Energy Center

Who won the Atlantic division championship in 2008?

Pittsburgh Penguins Pittsburgh Penguins

When was Pittsburgh Penguins Confidential created?

Pittsburgh Penguins Confidential was created in 1996.

Where were the Pittsburgh penguins found?