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The Super Bowl games start at different times depending on the time zone, etc.

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Q: What were the Past Super Bowl start times?
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How many times did Green Bay go to the super bowl in the past ten years?

1 (2011).

Kick off time of past Super Bowls?

Go to and summit your question, and happy super-bowl-Sunday! I hope the super bowl is a blast for you!

Who were past Super Bowl city's?

new England all day !

What were the scores of all the past Super Bowl games?

See the link below.

What were the pointspreads for all past Super Bowls?

Super Bowl I: Green Bay by 17 Super Bowl II: Green Bay by 13 Super Bowl III: Baltimore (Colts) by 17 Super Bowl IV: Minnesota by 10 Super Bowl V: Dallas by 1 Super Bowl VI: Dallas by 5 Super Bowl VII: Washington by 2 Super Bowl VIII: Miami by 6 Super Bowl IX: Pittsburgh by 3 Super Bowl X: Pittsburgh by 7 Super Bowl XI: Oakland by 5 Super Bowl XII: Dallas by 5 Super Bowl XIII: Pittsburgh by 4 Super Bowl XIV: Pittsburgh by 11 Super Bowl XV: Philadelphia by 3 Super Bowl XVI: San Francisco by 2 Super Bowl XVII: Miami by 2 Super Bowl XVIII: Washington by 3 Super Bowl XIX: San Francisco by 3 Super Bowl XX: Chicago by 11 Super Bowl XXI: NY Giants by 9 Super Bowl XXII: Denver by 3 Super Bowl XXIII: San Francisco by 7 Super Bowl XXIV: San Francisco by 12 Super Bowl XXV: Buffalo by 7 Super Bowl XXVI: Washington by 7 Super Bowl XXVII: Dallas by 6.5 Super Bowl XXVIII: Dallas by 10.5 Super Bowl XXIX: San Francisco by 18 Super Bowl XXX: Dallas by 13.5 Super Bowl XXXI: Green Bay by 14 Super Bowl XXXII: Green Bay by 12 Super Bowl XXXIII: Denver by 7.5 Super Bowl XXXIV: St Louis by 7 Super Bowl XXXV: Baltimore (Ravens) by 3 Super Bowl XXXVI: St Louis by 14 Super Bowl XXXVII: Oakland by 3.5 Super Bowl XXXVIII: New England by 7 Super Bowl XXXIX: New England by 4 Super Bowl XL: Pittsburgh by 4 Super Bowl XLI: Indianapolis by 7 Super Bowl XLII: New England by 14 Super Bowl XLIII: Pittsburgh by 6.5 Super Bowl XLIV: Indianapolis by 4.5

Who were you cheering for at the Super Bowl?

I was rooting for Arizona, because they have had a primarily woeful past, and have never won a Super Bowl. Also because they were the underdogs (I am a NY Giants fan).

What past or present NFL team has the most NFL rings?

The Steelers have the most Super Bowl wins, with six. If you're asking about championships, the Packers have the most, with 12: nine in the pre-Super Bowl era, and three Super Bowl championships.

What are the release dates for Pac-Man - 1982 The Super-Pac Bowl Journey Into the Pac-Past 2-2?

Pac-Man - 1982 The Super-Pac Bowl Journey Into the Pac-Past 2-2 was released on: USA: 24 September 1983

Patriots have beaten what teams in the Super Bowl in their past dynasty from 2001-present?

Rams, Panthers, Eagles

How many wins did the steelers win in the Super Bowl in the past 20 years?

2 (2006, 2009).

What time will the super bowl finish?

Kickoff is at approximately 6 PM EST. The game usually lasts around three and a half hours. However, if there is a tie, the game will continue beyond regulation until one team outscores the other.

Will anyone air Super Bowl XLV a 2nd time?

The NFL Network often airs past Super Bowls, so you could check that channel.