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Q: What were the Conferences In NFL before merger?
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What was the conferences the patriots played at?

Since the AFL/NFL merger, the Patriots have always Played in the Amercian Football Conferences' East Division.

What is the American football conference?

The NFL is divided into two conferences, the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. Each conference is divided into 4 divisions, the East, South, North and West. The origin of the conferences occured after the merger between the NFL and AFL. The AFL became the AFC and was given the Steelers, Colts and Browns to even things out.

Why did the NFL realign conferences and divisions in 2002?

In 2002 the NFL realigned the league because of the addition of the Houston Texans. Prior to 2002, there were 31 teams in the NFL. With the addition of the Texans, there were now 32 teams. 16 teams in each conference, 4 teams per division, the NFL split up the league into the new order, trying to preserve as any regional and historical rivalries as possible.

What was the NFL like before the merge?

In the four years before the 1970 merger the NFL was composed of two conferences, Eastern and Western. The Eastern Conference was composed of the Capital and Century Divisions and the Western was composed of the Central and Coastal Divisions. The winners of the two Eastern divisions and Western divisions played against each other in the Conference Championship with the two winners playing the NFL Championship. Prior to 1966, there were simply the Esstern and Western Conferences, with the winners playing for the NFL Championship. Of note, the site for the Championship game rotated between Eastern and Western Conferences each year, so the team that had actually won more games could be playing on the road. Finally, the two second place teams in each conference played each other in the NFL Playoff Bowl in Miami.

What league is the ew england patriots in AFC or nf?

The AFC. Used to be called the AFL before the merger with the NFL.

When did AFC and NFL become just NFL?

The merger was made in 1970

How is the NFL divided?

The NFL is divided into 2 conferences. The 2 conferences are each divided into 4 divisions. NFL AFC NFC North South East West North South East West

What NFL team has the most rushing yards since the afl-NFL merger?


Why did they have the Super Bowls?

it was a merger with the nfl and afl which eventually turned the NFC and AFC and into the nfl.

How many NFC titles have the mn vikings won?

Three: In 1973, 1974 and 1976. The Vikings also were the last team to represent the NFL in the Super Bowl before the NFL-AFL merger in 1970.

Which NFL teams went to the Afl after the merger?

Pittsburg, Baltimore and Cleveland

How many games are in the NFL?

11, 5 in both conferences, plus the superbowl.