What were the 5 suns?

Updated: 12/3/2022
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Q: What were the 5 suns?
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What percentage of the suns radiation is reflected by the clouds?


What time is a sun at its lowest point?

The suns lowest point is in the evening 5:00 pm

What was the Phoenix Suns longest winning streak this year?

2009-10 season was 11. This season was 5.

What is the suns brother?

the suns brother is Jupiter (somehow)

Are there 50 suns in the universe?

There are 50 suns in our locality. Our local galaxy has a few hundred billion suns, then there are billons of galaxies, so the number of suns is quite large.

Quasars have the energy of 5 million suns?

Quasars have been known to emit over a thousand times the energy of the Milky Way. As the Milky Way contains upwards of 400 billion stars, the likelyhood of the energy output of 5 million Suns is probably true or greatly underestimated.

Years Steve Nash played on the suns?

Steve Nash played for the Suns from 2005-present

How many Suns can fit into Sirius?

Sirius is actually a binary system, consisting of two stars. Sirius A and Sirius B.Sirius A: Is almost twice as big as our Sun, so about 5 Suns.Sirius B: Is minute, about 0.000000592704 Suns.

How far into the future is the suns red giant phase?

Approximately 5 billion years.See related link for a pictorial

Suns or Chicago bulls?

in a game the suns would win

When was Hagerstown Suns created?

Hagerstown Suns was created in 1981.

When was A Thousand Suns created?

A Thousand Suns was created in 2008.