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archery, athletics, badminton, baseball, boxing, canoeing (and Kyaking), cycling, diving, equestrian, fencing, Field Hockey, gymnastics, handball, judo, modern pentathlon, rowing, shooting, swimming, synchronized swimming, Table Tennis, taekwondo, tennis, Track and Field, triathlon, volleyball, water polo, weight lifting, wrestling.

29 in total.


alpine skiing, biathlon, bobsleigh, cross-country skiing, curling, figure skating, freestyle skiing, ice hockey, luge, Nordic combined, short-track speed skating, skeleton, ski jumping, snow boarding, speed skating.

15 in total.

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alpine skiing, crosscountry skiing, figure skating, Ice Hockey, Nordic combined, ski jumping, speed skating, luge, short track speed skating, freestyle skiing. Speed skiing, bandy, and skijoring were semonstration sports but never were titled OFFICIAL WINTER GAME SPORTS.

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Sports competed at the 1924 Winter Olympics, the first Winter Games were

Alpine skiing, Bobsleigh, Cross Country Skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, Military Ski Patrol, Nordic Combined, Ski Jumping, and Speed Skating.

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There are 15 winter sports events that were announced to be apart of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The eight sports categorized as ice sports are:

1. Bobsled

2. Luge

3. Skeleton (the sport)

4. Ice Hockey

5. Figure Skating

6. Speed Skating

7. Short Track Speed Skating

8. Curling

The three sports categorized as alpine skiing and Snowboarding events are:

Alpine Skiing

Freestyle Skiing


The four sports categorized as Nordic events are:


Cross Country Skiing:

Ski Jumping

Nordic Combined

For more information see:

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The events held in the winter olympics are........

Ice sports:

  • Bobsled
  • Luge
  • Skeleton
  • Ice Hockey
  • Figure Skating (including Ice Dancing)
  • Speed Skating
  • Short Track Speed Skating
  • Curling
Alpine, Skiing and Snowboarding Events:
  • Alpine Skiing
  • Freestyle Skiing (Aerials, Moguls and Ski Cross)
  • Snowboarding (Parallel Giant Slalom, Halfpipe and Snowboard Cross)
Nordic Events
  • Biathlon (cross-country skiing and target shooting)
  • Cross-Country Skiing
  • Ski Jumping
  • Nordic Combined (ski jumping and cross country skiing)
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The sports that comprise the Winter Olympic games are: bobsleigh, bobsleigh skeleton, curling, ice hockey, luge, snowboard, ski jumping, alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, nordic combined, cross country skiing, figure skating, speed skating, short track speed skating, and biathlon.

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Moguls, biathlon, luge and ice skating are some events.

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Q: What were the 2010 Winter Olympics' sports?
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Where were the winter Olympics last held?

The last Winter Olympics were in Turin, Italy in 2006. The next Winter Olympics will be in Vancouver, Canada in 2010

How many people played in the 2010 winter Olympics for USA?

We had 215 people participating in the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics from the USA.

Why do the winter Olympic games happen?

The Olympics are modeled after the ancient Greek Olympics which were a competition between Greek city-states. The Winter Olympics happen now to have snow and ice sports in the Olympics.

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How many SPORTS are there in the 2010 winter Olympics?

Probably around ten, eleven, or twelve sports.

2010 winter Olympics where are the events?

There are 15 winter sports events that were announced to be apart of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

What are the sports that Ethiopia is playing in the Olympics?

In the Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010, they are competing in cross-country skiing.

Where are the Olympic sports taking place?

The winter Olympics in 2010? Vancouver, Canada...

What sport will debut at the 2018 winter Olympics?

No sports will be added in the 2018 Winter Olympics.

What countries have first time paticipants in their sports for the 2010 winter Olympics?

Ghana, for a start.

How many Canadian athletes are competing in the 2010 winter Olympics?

206 althletes in 15 sports

What year were the Winter Olympics in Vancouve?

The Winter Olympics in Vancouver were in 2010.

Is Sasha Cohen in the 2010 winter Olympics?

No, she is not going to the 2010 Winter Olympics.

How many games are in the Olympics games?

There are 29 sports in the Summer Olympics (although only 26 sports will be at the 2012 Olympics). There are 15 sports in the Winter Olympics (all 15 were held at the 2010 Olympics).

When do the Winter Olympics Start?

The 2010 winter Olympics start on the 12th of feb.

What Brazilian athletes will be attending the 2010 winter Olympics?

There are many, and alot in more sports than speedskating.