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This has honestly happened seven times so far O__O!

2013 Florida Gulf Coast 78 Georgetown 68

2012 Lehigh 75 Duke 70

2012 Norfolk State 86 Missouri 84

2001 Hampton 58 Iowa State 57

1997 Coppin State 78 South Carolina 65

1993 Santa Clara 64 Arizona 61

1991 Richmond 73 Syracuse 69

Relax a little.

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Richmond over Syracuse is one I can remember in 91

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This has occured 4 times

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Q: What were the 15 seeds to beat a 2?
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The answer to the specific question (when asked) was,Syracuse (1991), Arizona (1993), S. Carolina (1997) and Iowa St. (2001).(16) seeds are winless since the NCAA started the current seeding system in 1985 (that makes their record 0-100 through the 2009 basketball tournament).(15) seeds have won 4 times in the first round (called the second round since the field was expanded to 68 teams in 2010) during that period.1991(2) Syracuse - 69(15) Richmond - 731993(2) Arizona - 61(15) Santa Clara - 641997(2) South Carolina - 65(15) Coppin State - 782001(2) Iowa State - 57(15) Hampton - 58None of those (15) seeds won in the following round.-----------------------------------This year, it happened twice!2012(2) Duke - 70(15) Lehigh - 752012(2) Missouri - 84(15) Norfolk State - 86So that makes 6 times it's happened since seeding began in 1985.(1) seeds are now 112-0 against (16) seeds.Answer compiled from historical brackets at by consulting my own busted bracket sheets in 2012...I had Duke vs MSU in the South+West Final Four game)

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