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Greeks were only allowed to participate.

Married woman were not allowed to enter the stadium or attend the olympic games.

Young girls (virgins) and priestesses were welcome.

Once admitted athletes could not withdraw from competitions.

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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: What were some of the ancient olympic games rules?
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What were some of the rules for the olympic games in ancient Greece?

If they started early they would be beaten or disqualified

What were some characteristics of the ancient olympic games?

milk it

What would happen at the end of Ancient Greek olympic games?

some one will win

Why could some people not compete in the Ancient Olympic games but not others?

i think woman couldn't

What sports did they have in ancient olympic games?

discus javelin horse racing chariot racing wrestling and some more

What were some of the significant achievements of the Olympic how did they influence the Maya?

There is not a term with Olympic standing on its own. There is the term Olympic Games, which can be abbreviated as the OlympicS. The modern Olympic Games are well known. The original games, were the Ancient Olympic Games, a multi-sport event held in Olympia, Greece between 776 BC and 393 AD. There were not any contacts between the Greeks and the Maya. At that time the existence of America was not even known. America was discovered in the late 15th century, roughly 1,100 years after the end of the ancient Olympic games

What were some things that united ancient Greece?

Common language, believed in the same gods, common culture, the Olympic Games.

When did the ancient olympic games finsh?

393AD, When Theodius I abolished the games. However, some accounts claim that it ended in 395AD, during the earthquakes that destroyed Olympia.

Did the woman in the ancient olympic games dress up to get in?

Some did but they had to be careful because if they were caught then they were either stoned to death or thrown of a cliff

Who thought of the olympic games?

In ancient Greece, the Greeks invented the Olympic Games in honor of their gods. These athletic contests began about 776 BC. The games were held in Olympia, Greece and some of the athletic events included discus throws, running, and wrestling.

Which ancient country invented the olympic game back in 776 bce?

Greece Established The First Olympic Games In 776 B.C. In Honor Of One Of Their Gods, Zeus. The First Olympic Games Were Held In Olympia, Greece, Not Mount Olympus (As Some People Are Saying....)

How is the Olympic torch transportd to each Olympic games?

Lots of different people carry it from some some were and take it to the games

Why did they have a UFO at the 1984 Olympic Games?

The 1984 Olympic Games used a UFO theme to have some fun.

What are some ancient greece leisure activities?

Some of the leisure activities in Ancient Greece were pottery, sculpting, music, dancing, banquets, storytelling, theater, chariot racing, and lets not forget the great Olympic games.

What were some ancient Islamic games?

Some ancient Islamic games were chess, backgammon, and falconry.

How were the olympic games interrupted?

The Olympic games were interruppted in 2 ways. One was because some of the athletes were cheating. And two was because of some wars.

What are some old Olympic events that have not been included in the Beijing Olympic games?


Has Jamaica ever been in the olympic games?

Yes Jamaica regularly enters a team into the Olympic Games. Indeed Jamaica has some Olympic gold athletes.

What were some of the events in the first Olympic games?


What are some olympic games?

i don't know you find it out:)

What is some information on the olympic relay race?

The Olympic relay race goes all the way back to the beginning of the Olympic games in Ancient Greece. This type of race where a baton was carried and passed off to another was a way for competition between regions to be run.

What were some customs at the Olympic games in ancient Greece?

Discus,javilen,chariot races, wrestling, foot races, boxing, and fully armored foot race.

What are some of the winter olympic games what are some of the olympic games?

bialathon, luge, cross country skiing, hockey, bobsled, nordic combind and a lot more.

What does MPC mean for the Olympic Games?

it means that the Olympic flag has some very diffiicut races

Why were the Olympic games discontinued for over 1000 years?

Olympic games were started sometime in 779 BC in Olympia, Greece. These were athletic competitions between Greek city states. The ancient Olympic games continued in some form till 394 AD, after which Theodosius I the Roman emperor suppressed them as a measure to curb pagan ritual and practices to promote Christianity.