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They were escaping from the authority and persecution of the Church of England (the Anglican Church). They sought to practice their faith in a new land, unimpeded by the English authorities.

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Q: What were many New England colonists trying to escape back in England?
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What happened to the colonists that opposed the declaration of independence'?

they either sucked it up or moved to back to England

Why did the colonists protest?

Some reasons of why the colonists rebelled against the British were: 1. The Boston Massacre 2. Taxation without Representation 3. Intolerable Acts 4. Proclamation of 1763 5. The Stamp Act 6. The Quartering Acts 7. The Sugar act

Who founded New England?

New England colonies were usually founded by groups of people who wanted to find religious freedom in the New World. They were trying to escape persecution by the Anglicans in England. These colonies were usually run by the religion, a government type called an theocracy.

Should you always keep an exit or means of escape of your back when trying to fight a fire?


What happened when Britain sent warships to New England to get the colonists to stop protesting the townshend acts?

the colonists found out about the ship and tried to fight back for their freedom

For what reason did the Puritans form the New England Company and receive a royal charter?

They wanted to escape religious persecution back in England, and England agreed because it got the Puritans out of England.

You should always keep an exit or means of escape at your back when trying to fight a fire?


Who were the loyalists who was their leader and what eventually happened to them?

The Loyalists were colonists who continued to support the Crown (Britain) at the start and during the American Revolution. One prominent Loyalist figure was Thomas Hutchinson of Massachusetts. After the war most went to Canada or the Caribbean or back to England to escape the hatred an abuse.

What were the challenges the first English colonists faces in north America?

The colonists had run short of food and were quarreling with neighboring IndiansWhite returned to England, leaving behind 117 colonists. He planned to return in a few months. When he got back to England, however, he found the country was then preparing for war with Spain. It was three years before he was able to sail back to Roanokeo No other trace of the colonists remained.this day, the fate of the "Lost Colony" remains a mystery..ROOP

What was Roanoke's failure?

Roanoke was an English colony in what is now North Carolina. A ship was sent back to England for more supplies. When the ship returned, there were no colonists.

What did the British government do with the fort at Louisbourg?

Gave it back to France, which made the colonists angryGave it back to France which made the colonists angry

How did the patriots react to the loyalist?

They gave them their property and lives back after the revolutionary war. Even though some went to Canada and some back to England. That was very nice by the colonists.