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Q: What were javelins made out of in the ancient Olympics?
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How many javelins have been thrown since the start of the Olympics?

427,162 and counting

How did the ancient Greeks train for the javelin throw?

by throwing throwing javelins

Did Zeus made up the ancient Olympics?


What state made up the Olympics?

Ancient Greece

What are javelins made out of?

Initial javelins were made of wood until the mid-1950's. Dick Held improved javelin aerodynamics and durability by introducing aluminum javelins around that time (his brother, Bud, was the world-record holder for a time). Current javelins are made of steel, aluminum and/or carbon fiber.

How did people find out about the Olympics in the ancient times?

In Greece they wanted entertainment so they made the Olympics

What did ancient Greeks throw?

Ancient Greek athletes threw discus and the javelin.

What were roman javelins made out of?

wood and iron

What were roman javelins made of?

wood and iron

What did the ancient Greece winners get?

The ancient victors of the Olympics received a crown made from Olive Leaves.

What are two similarities between modern U.S and ancient Greece?

We both have the Olympics (Ancient Greeks made it)We both have democracy (Ancient Greeks made this as well)

How did the ancient Greeks form the Olympics?

Well, the Greeks loved competitions. So they made up a game called the Olympics, which modernized to the sports we have today. The Olympics were not the only competition in Ancient Greece, but the most popular.