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The original Olympic prize was a laurel wreath.

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Q: What were given to the Olympics games winners?
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In Olympics Olympics what prizes are given to the winners?

A gold medal

What was given to winners of the ancient Olympics?

A head wreath.

Who were the winners of the ancient Olympics given?

olive crown

Similarities of anicent and modern Olympics?

There is still honor for the winners There are still prizes given out some games are the same

When the Olympics were held in France in 1900 the winners were given what instead of a medal?

They were given paintings

What valuable gift was given to winners in 1900 Olympics at Paris?


Why was a crown of leaves given to winners of the Olympics long ago?

A crown of leaves, known as a laurel wreath, were given to the winners of the Olympic games because of their association with Apollo. He is often represented wearing a laurel wreath around his head.

What was given to the winners in the ancient Olympics?

Olive wreaths. they were honored greatly also

What are the green flowers given to the medal winners at the 2010 Olympics?

Green mums hypocetherina berries

What was given to the winners of ancient olympic games?

A head wreath.

Why do medals get given out in the ancient Olympic games?

In the ancient Olympics, no medals were awarded. The first-place winner was given an olive branch to wear on his head. The second and third place winners got nothing.

When did the Olympics start giving gold medales?

The Olympics started giving out gold medals in 1904 to first-place winners. When the Olympics began in 1896, the awards given to first-place winners were silver medals and those in second place received bronze medals. In the next Olympics of 1900, winners got trophies instead of medals.

What did the winners on the first Olympics win?

The first winners of the Olympics won an olive wreaths or crowns.

Does the medal winners in the Olympics get paid?

Medal winners do get paid.

What do the winners receive in the modern olympic games?

In modern Olympics games the got a gold medal, sliver medal and a bronze medal.

What do winners in the Olympics get?

the winners receive medals - gold silver or bronze

How many winners can there be in the Olympics?


What nickname is given to the commonwealth games?

olympics and maybe In form lukakuz

What awards were given to the winners in the Ancient Olympic Games?

The Olympic winners received a wreath made of a sacred olive tree branch. Another version is that after the contest, the victor was given a ribbon.

What are the prizes for winners of Olympics?

A gold medal.

How were the winners of the Olympics treated?

they were treated as heroes

Who are the true winners in the Olympics?

Great Britain

What winners in the Olympics put on their heads?


Who are the winers of 2008 Olympic games?

The overall winners in the Olympics in China , were China, as they made great progress in winning medals as well as in hoisting the games .

How would the Ancient winners of the Olympic games be rewarded on the final day of the games?

The final day winners of the Ancient Olympics Games in Greece would be rewarded with olive leaves near the temple of Zeus and maybe a purple silk robe or/and money