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Q: What were Michael Jordans hobbies and interests?
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What was Michael Morpurgo hobbies and interests?

Killing people and eating people

What were Michael Jackson's childhood interests or hobbies?

singing, dancing and molesting.

What was Michael Faraday hobbies and interests growing up?

Michael's interests were reading about magnetism, force, energy, and mystery. he also liked singing. his mos favorite hobby was going fishing with his brother, Robert.

Who made jordans?

Michael Jordans

What are Michael Jordans nacknames?

Michael Jordans nicknames are "Air Jordan",and "His airness"

What are Drake's hobbies and interests?

whats drakes hobbies and interests?

Hobbies or interests Elizabeth Arden had?

hobbies or interests of elizabeth arden

What are Michelle Kwan's hobbies and interests?

I know michelle kwans hobbies and interests they are skating

Who was Michael jordans wife?

Michael Jordans wife was julia juanita. Juanita Vanoy but they are divorced.

What are Alice's hobbies and interests in Alice in Wonderland?

Her hobbies & interests aren't explored in the story.

What are michael vicks hobbies and interests?

2011 ~ Michael Vick loves golf & fishing. He also plays basketball and spends quality time with his children and other family members.

Who are Michael Jordans daughters?

Michael Jordans only daughter is called Jasmine. He has 2 sons Jeffrey and Marcus.

Did they ever find a body for Micheal jordans dad?

Michael jordans daddy

Did Nike invent Jordans or Jordans invented Nike?

nike invented the jordans but later it got modified by Michael Jordan

Hobbies and interests in an application form?

There are many people who include a hobbies and interests section on their application. This is to get to know you as a person.

What were Ronald Goldman's interests and hobbies?

Ronald Goldman's family has never publicly told any of his interests and hobbies to the public.

What is Michael Jordans birth name?

Michael Jeffrey Jordan

What is Michael Jordan's IQ?

154 is Michael jordans IQ

What was Michael Jordans special talent?

michael can sing,dance,

What color are Michael Jordan eyes?

Michael jordans eyes are the colour brown

What is Bessie smith's hobbies and interests?

her hobbies are acting,rapping

Did martin Luther king jr's hobbies and interests?

That doesn't make sense. But if you mean did he have any hobbies or interests then yes he did, obviously.

Where do they make Air Jordans?

They Make Air Jordans because Michael Jordan is a legendary player

When did Michael Jordans impacts on America begin?

Micheal jordans impact on America started when he was in colloge.

How many pairs of Jordans do michael Jordan have?

He kept six pairs of every type of Jordans.