What were Lenin's goals?

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AnswerWorldwide revolution towards "pure" communism. He also was famous for his slogan during the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia of "Bread, Peace, and Land".
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When the Soviet Union ceased to exist Yeltsin and the presidents of Belarus and Ukraine announced the formation of

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Q: What were Lenin's goals?
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When was Lenins Weg created?

Lenins Weg was created in 1932.

When was All My Lenins created?

All My Lenins was created on 1997-10-02.

What actors and actresses appeared in Book of Lenins - 1996?

The cast of Book of Lenins - 1996 includes: Rick Minnich

What was Lenins view on the November revolution in 1917?

He was for it.

What was lenins main goal during the russian revolution?

He had two main goals that he wanted to achieve with his revolution. The first one was to make Russia a communist state and the second one to release a world revolution to overthrow the bourgeoisie.

Why was lenins New Economic Policy designed?

rebuilt the soviet economy

What was Vladimir Lenins mothers name?

This name is Maria Alexandrovna Blank.

What was Valdimar Lenins purpose?

to overthrow the aristocracy and establish a communist country.

What happened to Vladimir Lenins body after he died?

Embalmed and placed on view.

What was Vladimir lenins wartime agricultural policy?

to outlaw the ownership of land

What was Lenins goals for Russia?

Just remember his slogans before the revolution: "Bread Peace and Land" and "All power to the Soviets". (Note by Soviet he was referring to the Bolsheviks) although these do not include all of his goals, it is wortwhile to do research on all of them. You will then gain more insight into what his other goals were. P.S. with the 'peace' topic, don't forget to mention the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk between Russian and Germany of March 1918

What resulted from Lenins new economic policy?

Russia was forced to begin importing food products.

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