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the cardinals

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Q: What were Arkansas University's teams called before they were called the Razorbacks?
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What is Arkansas College football team's name?

Razorbacks commonly called the "hogs" their mascot resembles a firetruck red boar.

What college football team is the Hogwired website dedicated to?

The Hogwired website is dedicated to the Arkansas Razorbacks college football team. They are called the Razorbacks since 1909 when their coach called the team "a wild band of Razorback hogs" after a memorable victory.

What major sports teams are there in Arkansas?

I know of: Arkansas Razorbacks, Arkansas State Indians, Arkansas-Pine Bluff Golden Lions and I believe Arkansas at Little Rock also has a college football team. UA-Little Rock does not have a football team. Additionally the ASU team is no longer called the Indians but are now called the Red Wolves (as of fall 2008). Some more teams are the Arkansas Tech Wonderboys, University of Central Arkansas Bears, the Southern Arkansas University Muleriders, Henderson State University Reddies, Ouchita Baptist University Tigers, and the Arkansas Baptist College Buffaloes.

When did auburn become the war eagles again?

Auburn is still the Tigers. War Eagles is a nickname, not a mascot. It's like how the Arkansas Razorbacks are called the Hogs. The LSU Tigers are called the Bayou Bengals. Notre Dame Fighting Irish are called the Golden Domers. There are so many!

What is the mountains of Arkansas called?

The mountain region in Arkansas are called, "Ozark Mountains"

What was Arkansas first constitution called?

The first constitution of the State of Arkansas is the "Arkansas Constitution of 1836".

Which state is called the bear state?

Arkansas is known as the Bear State.

What do you call a person from Arkansas?

A person from Arkansas is called an Arkansan by people that are not from Arkansas, and the media inside of Arkansas. However, the proper term to natives of the State is "Arkansawyer".

Why is Arkansas called land of opportunity?

Arkansas is not the The Land of Opportunity any more now it is called The Natural State for its natural things.

Why is Arkansas called The Land Of Opportunity?

Arkansas is not the The Land of Opportunity any more now it is called The Natural State for its natural things.

Why is lamar sometimes called the father of education in Texas?

Because in his presidency he set aside land for public schools and 2 universitys (now TAMU and Texas University).

What are people called from Arkansas?