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Q: What were 1960 Detroit suburbs?
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What is the setting for blood is thicker?

In A Small, Proverty Suburbs In Detroit Michigan

What is the setting of Blood is Thicker?

In a small, poverty suburbs in Detroit Michigan.

How many hotels and hotels rooms are in the city - within the city limits not suburbs - of Detroit?

You can find Detroit hotels here:

Which US city has the most people of Maltese descent?

Pretty sure its Detroit and the surrounding suburbs...

Is Detroit rich or poor?

Detroit is a poor does have some very "Rich" Suburbs. The city itself has a better than 50% unemployment rate

Between 1940 and 1960 more than 40 million americans?

moved to the suburbs

Between 1940 and 1960 what did more than 40 million Americans do?

They migrated to the suburbs.

What between 1940 and 1960 what did more than 40 million Americans do?

They migrated to the suburbs.

What did more than 40 million Americans do between 1940 and 1960?

They migrated to the suburbs.

What is a 1960 Detroit tiger yearbook worth?

I'm close but not exactly 1958 and 1968 Detroit tiger yearbooks are $20.00 for 1958 and $28.00 for 1968 at when you get there type in the search box 1960 Detroit Tiger Yearbook

Who played first base for the 1960 Detroit Tigers?

In 1960, Norm Cash was the starting first baseman for the Detroit Tigers. His backups were Steve Bilko and Gail Harris.

County directly south of Detroit MI?

Canada is the COUNTRY directly south of Detroit, if that's what you're asking. The COUNTY just south of Detroit is Wayne county - which includes Detroit and the southern and near-western suburbs. If you follow the Detroit River south, the next county is Monroe county and hole land

Between 1940 and 1960 there where 40 million Americans that did what?

Between 1940 and 1960, 40 million Americans migrated to the suburbs. Due to the increase in popularity of automobiles it was becoming easier for people to live in the suburbs and commute to their jobs. It was also easier to buy houses at that time due to low interest loans offered by the FHA and VA.

How many Detroit Tiger players live in Detroit?

not many. the ones that do all live in high rises. many players live downtown temporarily when they initially arrive with the team, then move out to the suburbs once they've settled in.

What are the release dates for Coronado 9 - 1960 Long Way to Detroit 1-31?

Coronado 9 - 1960 Long Way to Detroit 1-31 was released on: USA: 4 April 1961

Who was the player from the Detroit Tigers in the 1960's that was in trouble with the law?

Denny Mclain

What NFL team has the worst overall record since 1960?

The Detroit Lions.

Is Michigan a bad state?

Michigan is a POOR STATE. Michigan is Very Racist, too. There is crime and decay in every major city in Michigan, like Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint, etc. There is no opportunity in Michigan and the only best part of Michigan is the west coast of Michigan (Benton Harbor) on the Indiana/Michigan corridor. Most Chicagoans go to Benton Harbor for their summer vacation beach homes but do not continue the 3 1/2 hour drive to Detroit, MI. There is no mass transit in Detroit and if you don't have a car, you are up the creek. The people act ill-mannered and ignorant and appear to be in a coma. The city hasn't been revitalized since the 1960's riots and they are Jealous of the Prosperous Mid- Western States like Western Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota. The Progressive City of the Region is Chicago and People from Michigan are Jealous of Chicago and you can tell in their nasty attitudes when they leave Detroit and come to Chicago or the Chicagoans winter home cities of Phoenix, AZ, Las Vegas, NV and Tuscon, AZ. There is violence and racism all throughout the State. If you live in the City of Detroit, there are no grocery stores or decent shopping and you have to go to the suburbs. Detroit and the State of Michigan is 100 years behind America. If you live in the City of Detroit and work in the suburbs, you have to pay more in taxes,however; if you have a job in the City of Detroit and live in the suburbs you don't have to pay more in taxes (this was due to "White Flight" from the 1950's, 1960's). Michigan is a very Poor State and the taxes are high. If you live in a $25 -$35, 000.00 home, you might end up paying close to $4,000.00 a year in real estate taxes. This is why so many of the people from Michigan leave but when they leave, they still have bad nasty attitudes. I lived in Michigan (Detroit) from 2008 to 2009. It is also a depressing place to live. This is from my experience and just go on "youtube" and see the decay.

Why was Eminem's movie call 8 mile?

The movie was named after a road separating the suburbs from the bad parts of Detroit where Eminem grew up and started rap battling in his teens.

Who were the members of the Detroit Lions fearsome foursome of the 1960's?

hickey, Nicky, bickey,and chickey

Where was Towne Club soda or pop first bottled?

Detroit Mi back in the 1960's

Where are the Shopping Malls in Detroit metro area?

Unfortunately Detroit has no malls. Northland Mall is in Southfield to the north of Detroit as well as Eastland Mall in Harper Woods. A great many I know go to Fairlane which is actually in Dearborn, a city west of Detroit. Southland Mall is to the Southwest of Detroit in Taylor while Westland Mall is in Westland, a city obviously west of Detroit. Further north are Twelve Oaks in Novi and Somerset in Troy. It's sad but for shopping you have to go to the suburbs to shop but the malls, particularly Fairlane, is good and close depending on where you are.

What are the 4 parts furthest from a city centre?

Northern suburbs, Southern suburbs, Western suburbs, Eastern suburbs.

Where in New York is 248 area code?

Area code 248 is in that famous part of New York called "Oakland County, Michigan." Suburbs to the north-northwest of Detroit. Someone in New York who moved there from the Detroit area might have a mobile phone with area code 248.

Are there any farms near Detroit?

Yes, there are farms in suburban Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Washtenaw counties (as well as in other counties a bit farther away from Detroit). Wayne County, in fact, is both the location of the city of Detroit and also many of its suburbs, yet there are still a few farms in Wayne County as well. Also, just across the Detroit River in Ontario, Canada, there are many farms, particularly in Essex County.