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The pitch at Wembley is very bad and has been laid down twice, and may be laid again.

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Q: What went wrong with the new wembley stadium?
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Why was wembley stadium demolished?

The Old Wembley Stadium became derelict and instead of a renovation a decision was made to demolish and rebuild a New Wembley Stadium.

How many people can fit into new wembley stadium?

The seating capacity of the new Wembley Stadium is approximately 90,000.

Postcode for the new wembley stadium?

Wembley National Stadium London, HA9 0WS 0844 980 8001

How many times have Liverpool played at wembley?

They have 0 appearances at the new Wembley stadium.

What was the first band to play at the new wembley stadium?


How many people can new wembley hold?

Wembley stadium can hold 90,000 people when all seated and covered.

How old is wembley stadium?

It was opened in 2007 , it got delayed. So it is three years old.

Who was the first artist to appear at the new wembley stadium?

George Michael

How many games has arsenal played at wembley stadium?

Two games at new wembley. Chelsea in 2009, and Birmingham in 2011.

What Building has the most toilets?

The New Wembley Stadium is the building with the most toliets in the world.

How much did the cutlery crockery and glassware cost at the new wembley stadium when it was first built?


How many seats in the 'old' wembley stadium?

Wembley Stadium has 90,000 seats. It can hold 90,000 football, rugby league, or rugby union fans; 86,000 American football fans; 75,000 - 90,000 with 15,000 standing for concerts; and between 60,000 and 72,000 for various other athletics. There are a total of 100 rows and 166 executive suites in the stadium.