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Q: What welsh team was promoted to english league?
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How often has team finishing third been promoted to English premier league?


Team promoted to premier league most times?

Its ipswich getting promoted 32 times

Who were the1st welsh team to play in the premier league?


What is the nickname of the welsh rugby union team?

The Welsh national Rugby Union team are The Red Dragons. It's possible to confuse them with the Welsh national Rugby League team who are known as The Dragons.

What team has risen the farthest ie promoted from a low league to rise to the Premier League?


Did all 3 promoted teams survive first season in Premier League?

In the 2008-2009 season of the English Premier League, Hull City F.C. and Stoke City F.C. were successful in retaining their Premier League status. West Bromwich Albion was the only promoted team to be relegated in that season.

What is the original name of the Welsh Premier League?

The Welsh Premier League is the national football (soccer) team of Wales, England. It was originally known as the League of Wales. The name change occurred in 2002.

Which team in the old English league has scored the most goals in the league?

The team in the old English league that has scored the most goals in the league is Manchester United.

What football team was promoted to the Premier League in the play offs last season?


Is their a football league team with a j in their name?

st johnston is a british team but not a English league team

Why didn't any team get promoted in the 2010 super league season?

Because it is now a franchise

Is Crusaders a Welsh rugby team?

There is a team of that name in mid wales playing out of Wrexham football clubs ground. The team is in the League code

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