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Q: What weight is the gunn and Moore flare 808 junior cricket bat?
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What is the most popular cricket bat?

Gunn And Moore Flare 303 Cricket Bat

Why is a gunn and Moore flare dxm 202 more expensive than a gunn and Moore icon 101cricket bat?

Flare 202 is expensive as it is higher quality of kashmir willow while icon 101 quality is a little low than 202

Are flare guns considered a firearm?

In general, no. A flare gun, properly called a flare projector, is capable of launching only a light weight, low velocity projectile, and is not suitable for use as a weapon. If an attempt were to be made to fire a standard firearm cartridge from a flare projector, it will likely destroy the projector, with a strong possibility of injury to the shooter.

Can Crohn's disease cause huge rapid weight loss?

Oh yes, very common. During a flare you do not wish to eat, eating causes pain and running to the toilet. You lose weight. Under treatment, the doctors encourage you to eat, you need to maintain your weight and energy levels. When the flare ends, you are happy to eat, amazed at how nice it is to eat and enjoy your food with no repercussions. You will gain weight, not always a bad thing if you can keep it under control because you are eventually going to have another flare up and start the cycle all over again.

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Sorry- no one flare gun, no one weight. The one I keep aboard my boat is a modern design like the picture above, and probably weighs a pound or less. Mainly plastic.

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AP Flare = Atmospheric Pressure Flare

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the fire sent a flare into the air.the flare from the fire was warm.

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You might think a flare would not burn in a vacuum, however, they will. The oxygen for the flare to burn is already chemically in the flare. And flare guns HAVE gone into space- as emergency equipment.

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A red flare/smoke