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Make my own Nike shoe

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Q: What website to make your own Nike shoes?
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where can i go online to get nike trail shoes?

Nike is a great brand and their trail shoes are good quality.Nike have their own website where you can search find and order the shoes of your choice.

How can you get nike to make your shoe?

On you can customize your own shoes.

What is the best online source to find out about the Nike air Pegasus bowerman?

I went to the Nike website, and read the reviews the runners that own the shoes have written about them, and use the Nike website for the specifics of the Nike ari pegasus bowerman.

How many styles does Nike make?

Nike makes alot of different kinds of styles. Like in shoes, if you visit their website, you could customize your own pair of sneakers; such as it's colors and design.

What is the website to make your own football boots?

Nike ID.

Where can I find more information on Nike free run women's shoes ?

If you are looking for information concerning women's Nike should recommend going online for your searching desires. Nike has it's own website with information regarding shoes for women.

On which website is it possible to customize Nike shoes?

Nike is a pioneer in sportswear, footwear and equipment, Nike has dominated the field of sports and fashion since its launch in 1971. They foster a culture of innovation and create products, services & experiences for today's athlete.

How much is it to design your own Nike shoes?

You might want to check the website and research that before you start because i know to design your own converse shoes it cost about a 100 dollars.

Where can one purchase Nike Shoes for Kids?

You can purchase Nike Shoes for kids at Kids "R" Us, JC Penny, Foot Locker, Shoe Carnival, Babies "R" Us, Champs Sports, Amazon and even Nike's own website. There are a lot of options available.

What were the classic black and white Nike shoes with AIR written on the full side of the shoes?

You answered your own question, Nike AIR's

Where can one purchase Nike Men's Air Jordan 1 athletic shoes?

The best place where one can purchase Nike Men's Air Jordan 1 athletic shoes would be Nike's own store on their website. Their website allows free returns if a customer is not satisfied and free shipping is provided on all orders over $100.

What percent of Australia own Nike shoes?


Does nike own Jordan shoes?

Yes indeed

What places offer the option of designing their own shoes?

There are not many places that let customers design their own shoes. Nike has the option of NikeID, which is a customized running shoe. There is also the website Milk and Honey that lets you design your own shoe.

Where can I get my own custom made running shirts for my team?

Nike offers many make your own jerseys and shoes which you can color and make your own. It might cost a little extra but you get very well made shirts. Just look up Nike id.

Which blog has an open discussion on the Nike free 3.0 reviews ?

Nike as a whole has been a popular brand and from my experience Nike shoes aren't the greatest shoes you can buy but they are good for athletic activities and depending on what kind of shoe you get depends on the durability. Looking at these and owning Nike shoes of my own, I say that if you need athletic shoes, get Nike.

What is the website to design your own shoes?

The best places to design your own shoes are Nike iD, Miadidas, Converse, and YourReebok. They allow you to change all of the colors and materials to come up with a shoe that will fit your style perfectly.

Where can one make your own custom shoes?

You can make your own versions of some brands like Nike and Vans by going to their online sites. But you can also design and create any type of shoes you want at sites like Milk and Honey and Shoes of Prey.

Where can you customize your own Nike Mercurial Victory shoes?


What website can you make your own skate shoes? its awsome i did. go there now

Did lebron James have his own shoes with nike his rookie year?


Where can one buy new Nike shoes?

Nike is one of the world's largest suppliers of athletic shoes, so they are widely available in almost every country. Nike has their own trademarked stores, which has a large selection of shoes, but Nike is also sold at sports stores, department stores, and shoe stores.

Where can you design your own shoes?

One can design their own shoes through many retailer's and online web page's including but not limited to Milk And Honey Shoes, Nike, Shoes Of Pray, Reebok and Chiccos.

Can you buy NBA team issued Nike shoes?

I am pretty sure you can not but if you go you can customize your own pair of shoes. Kobe Bryant has shoes from Nike id also. You can pick from almost any type of Nike shoe. You can put your name on them also. I have a pair and I love them.

Who supplies the golf shirts for Nike?

Nike make their own shirts.