What wears a cap but has no heads?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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a hat rack

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Q: What wears a cap but has no heads?
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A knight wears one to protect his head?

Knights wore helmets to protect their heads. They also wore a chain mail cap called a mail coif, which protected head and neck.

What rock group that wears flower pots on heads?


What rock group wears flower pots on heads?


What carton wears sailor shirt and cap?

Popeye the sailor

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Leigh-anne (;

What is the name of the hat that a maid wears?

A maid typically wears a uniform with a cap known as a "maid cap" or a "maid hat." It is usually white and has a simple design to complement the maid's uniform.

What is another name for a swim cap or swimming cap?

I personally have always called them Swim caps, emma allen wears a pink swim cap and zoe drake wears a blue swim cap

What do Indians call the cap they wear on their heads?


What is the predicate in this sentence Davy wears a coonskin cap on his head?

on his head

Do girls like shaved heads?

Girls can shave their heads if they would like to. The way a woman wears their hair is truly up to her.

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What color cap does a goalkeeper war in water polo?