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There are ten ways by which you can get out in Cricket:



3-Run Out

4-Leg Before Wicket

5-Obstructing the field

6-Hitting the ball twice

7-Hit Wicket


9-Timed Out

10-Handled the ball

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2011-11-10 09:45:37
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Q: What ways can you get dismissed in a game of cricket?
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What does unbeaten mean in cricket?

It means the batsman was not dismissed, i.e., they finished the game without being given out.

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Who was the first batsman to be dismissed on 99 in test cricket debut?

Arthur Chipperfield of Australia was the first batsman to be dismissed on 99 in Test Cricket Debut.

How many ways a batsman can be dismissed in cricket?

10.runout, bowled, caught, stumped, lbw, played on, handling the ball, obstructing the field, time up,

A wicket is associated in which sport?

The term wicket is associated with the sport of Cricket. When a batsman is dismissed and sent back to the pavillion it is termed as a wicket. People even call the cricket pitch where the game is played a wicket.

What is the only way that a cricket batsman can be dismissed from a no ball?

Being Caught

How many ways can a cricket ball be bowled?

A cricket ball can be bowl in two ways in cricket.

How do you play the game cricket?

The game cricket is a game which we have to play with a cricket bat and a ball

Who is the first person who dismissed through Hit Wicket in cricket?

JG Wright

Who has dismissed Sachin most number of times in International Cricket?

chaminda vaas

Where was cricket made?

This is a question based on cricket. cricket is a English game. they introduced cricket as a game.

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