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3rd Place in 1930 fifa world cup.

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Q: What was usa's best finish in the World Cup?
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Has Portugal ever won a World Cup?

No, Portugal's best finish in the FIFA World Cup was third place in 1966.

What is the Highest US has finished in World Cup?

The best finish by USA in the World Cup was in 2002 when they reached the quarter finals.

When does the World Cup finish?

The world cup will finish on July 11/7/2010.

What was Chile best finish in the world cup?

Chile finished third in the 1930 w3orld cup in Uruguay.

What was the best finish the US ever had in the world cup?

The best by the U.S.A was coming third in 1930.

What is Frances highest rank ever in the world cup?

Their best finish was 1998 when they won it.

As holand ever won the World Cup?

No, Holland have never won the World Cup. Their best finish was runners up in 1974 and 1978.

How many times has Wales won the world cup?

None, best finish was 3rd place.

When does the World Cup 2012 start and finish?

Sorry there is no world cup in 2012, but there is a Euro Cup in 2012.

Has the men's us soccer team won the world cup?

No, they have not won the world cup. Their best ever finish was in the inaugural 1930 tournament when they made it to the semi-finals.

What was japan's best finish in the world cup?

Japan's best finish in a world cup has been the Last 16/Second Round. They have achieved this twice, once in 2002 when they co-hosted the tournament along with South Korea and also in 2010, narrowly losing to Paraguay on penalties.

How many World Cups did Chile win?

Chile has yet to win a World Cup. Their best finish was in 1962 when they placed third overall.

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