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The championship was shared between all five teams. There was no tie-break in existence so nothing to separate was applied therefore, all the teams finished level on match points. This was the only time that the Five Nations championship finished in a five-way tie.

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Q: What was unusual about the 1973 rugby 5 nations?
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Which rugby team won 6 nations in 1999?

In 1996 it was only the 5 Nations, as Italy only joined in 2000. England won the 1996 5 Nations.

When did 6 nations start?

The 6 Nations rugby tournament started in 2000 when Italy joined the existing 5 Nations tournament which had France, England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

When did french rugby win their first 5 nations championship?

An interesting one France SHARED their first 5 nations Championship in 1955 with Wales The next won the title solo in 1959

Who won the 6 nations rugby on 27th of February 1960?

No one won the 6 nations in February 1960 as there wasn't 6 nations playing in the competition.It was the 5 nations at this time - Italy was not a member team until 2000However, the 5 nations championship was shared between France and England

Why did Italy join rugby 5 nations?

The Italian domestic rugby was developing. and with the 5 nations being truly bedded in it was decided that when the Italian RFU approached the IRB that it would open up the 5 nations competition and provide a greater stage for the game. This would stop it becoming a stale tournament. With the Italians being invited in 10 years later they are also involved in the Magnors league

When did France join the five nations rugby?

1947 AFTER THE 2ND WORLD WAR France officially joined the 5 nations in 1910. check here:

How many times have Scotland rugby tean in the 5 nations in the 1990s?

Scotland have won the tournament twice once in 1990 and once in 1999

How many times did the scottish rugby team win the 5 nations in 1990?

well this depends on the speed of your gold fish really...... usually around 485985941654765

When did welsh rugby team won the games?

Wales won the Six Nations Championship in 2012 with a Grand Slam. This means that Wales won all 5 of their games.

I am hoping to do a 6 Nations Tour following Wales in 2010 Does anyone know where I would be able to get tickets to all the games?

smaller rugby clubs get an allowance of 4 or 5

When did Scotland win the rugby world cup?

Scotland has never won the Six Nations although they won the last Five Nations in 1999.

What is the regulation size and weight of a rugby ball?

Size 5 for top level rugby.