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the youngest age to ever enter the nfl was 19yrs old.

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2010-08-12 01:37:11
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Q: What was the youngest age to ever enter the NFL?
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What is the youngest age you can compete at the Olympics?

the youngest age you can enter the summer Olympics is 16. The youngest age you can enter the winter Olympics is 17. i hope that helps

Who was the youngest starting quarterback to ever play in the NFL?

Matt Stafford, age 21 213 days

What is the youngest age for a basketball player?

I believe the youngest ever player to enter the NBA was Andrew Bynum of the Lakers. He was 17 years old when he made it.

What NFL team is the youngest in age?

Houston Texans

Who is the youngest person to ever enter the NFL?

To be allowed to declare eligibility for the NFL draft, players are required to complete high school and three years of college. The youngest person to enter the NFL is Amobi Okoye, a defensive tackle for the Texans. He was the tenth pick overall for the 2007 draft, being only 19 years old. He came from Nigeria to the United States and tested into the 9th grade at age 12.

Who is the youngest NFL quaterback?

The youngest quarterback in the NFL is Matthew Stafford,( In 2009.)At age 21.His birth date is February 7,1988.

Who is the youngest QB in NFL?

Matthew Stafford at the age of 21

What age was the youngest teacher ever?


What is the youngest age at which anyone has ever smoked?

13 Years of Age

When can you enter the UFC and at what age?

The UFc pick you and the youngest possible is 18

Who is the youngest NFL football player ever?

As of October, 2007 the youngest NFL player ever is Houston Texans DT Amobi Okoye who played his first game at the age of 20 years, 91 days. He surpassed the record of Buffalo Bills OT Jamie Nails who was 20 years, 110 days old when he played his first NFL game in 1997.

What is the oldest age you can be to enter the Olympics?

17 is the answer for ancient Greece! i dont know about youngest age

What is young age limit?

0 is the youngest you'll ever be.

What is the youngest age someone ever joined the military?


Who is the youngest coach in the NFL?

As of the beginning of the 2010 season the youngest head coach in the NFL would be Tampa Bay Bucs coach Raheem Morris at age thirty-four.

Who is currently the youngest team in the NFL?

The Atlanta Falcons, the average age of their players is 24.

Who was the youngest NFL coach to win the Super Bowl?

Mike Tomlin is the youngest coach to win a super bowl at the age of 36.

What is The age limit for the NFL?

The NFL allows players to be drafted that have been out of high school for at least three years. The youngest player ever drafted was 19 year old defensive tackle Amobi Okoye out of Louisville by the Houston Texans. There is no upper age limit.

Who was the youngest person ever to get a record deal?

youngest person i know of is ROMEO he sign a record deal at the age of 5

What is the youngest age ever for someone to have children?

The youngest age ever for someone to have a baby was Lina Medina at 5 years and 229 days. She lived in Lima, Peru. See link for Wikipedia Youngest birth mothers for more examples of young births

What were pepi ii's accomplishments?

he was the youngest to ever reign in Egypt, at age 6.

Who was the youngest pitcher to ever win a major league game for Philadelphia?

For the Phillies: Cliff Lee is the youngest player at 24 years of age ... For the Pirates: Jim Waugh is the youngest at 18 years of age ...

Who is the youngest mayor in the US?

John Tyler Hammons is the youngest major right now but Brian Zimmerman was the youngest to ever hold that office at the age of 11

What order by age is the youngest NFL coach in the NFL for 2008?

Lane Kiffin- coach of the Oakland Raiders before being fired midseason this year

Who is the youngest person to have a master's degree?

The youngest person ever to have a masters degree is Lauren Cassidy, she graduated college at age 11.