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2010 Chapman 105 mph fastball

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Q: What was the year when the fastest pitch ever thrown?
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What is the fastest pitch ever recorded in major league baseball history?

The fastest pitch thrown at Fenway Park was 108 mph.

What is the fastest underhand pitch?

The fastest ever recored softball pitch is 95. By a 18 year old in Texas!!

What is the fastest that a baseball was thrown by an eleven year old boy?

The fastest officially clocked pitch was by Brian Jarrell at 72 MPH.

What is the fastest that a baseball was thrown by a twelve year old boy?

The fastest pitch ever thrown clocked officially was 78 MPH.

Fastest pitch thrown by a 9 year old?

I say it is 85

Watch is the fasted softball pitch ever?

The fastest softball pitch ever recored was from a 18 year old girl from Texas at the speed of 95!!

The fastest ever fifa world cup goal was scored in what year?


What was Justin Verlander's fastest pitch this year?

Verlander has pitched 102 mph this year. He had two such pitches on 6/12/2007 when he threw the no-no.

What is the fastest time ever ran by a 11 year old?

12.1 secs bu josh gurtue

What is the fastest time a planet has ever orbited the sun?

Mercury is the fastest planet in the solar system. It orbits the sun in only 88 days. This means a year on Mercury is 88 days long.

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about 17.1 million tacos are wasted per year from being thrown at people.

Who is the fastest player this year?

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