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2010-11 Celtic

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Q: What was the worst regular season record of a team that won the World Series?
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What is cole hamels record versus the New York Yankees?

Through the 2010 regular season, 0-1 in the regular season and 0-1 in the World Series.

How many games did koufax win?

165 in the regular season (career record was 165-87) and 4 in the World Series.

What was the best record ever for the New York Yankees in a regular 162 game season?

114-48 in the 1998 season. They went on to win the World Series that season.

Who had the best record in baseball but lose the series?

The team with the best regular season record to lose was the 1906 Chicago Cubs who went 116-36 and lost the World Series to the Chicago White Sox.

When was the last time the World Series featured two teams with at least 100 wins?

1970 when the Baltimore Orioles (regular season record of 108-54) defeated the Cincinnati Reds (regular season record of 102-60) in 5 games.

How many games did the Cincinnati Reds win in 1919 before the world series?

96 ... the 1919 Reds regular season record was 96-44.

What was the best baseball season for the Houston Astros?

The Astros best regular season record was 102-60 in 1998. They were defeated by the San Diego Padres in the NLDS that season, 3 games to 1. The Astros only World Series appearance was in 2005 where they lost to the Boston Red Sox, 4 games to 0. Their regular season record in 2005 was 89-73.

How many career World Series home runs did yogi berra hit?

358 in the regular season and 12 in the World Series.

Has a team ever won a World Series after being no hit in the regular season?


Was Sandy Kofax a MVP?

For an regular season? No. For the World Series? Twice -- 1963 and 1965.

Who was the MVP of the 1979 World Series?

Willie Stargell of the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series MVP award in 1979. He also won the regular season MVP and NLCS MVP awards that year. He is the only player to have won the regular season league MVP, championship series MVP and World Series MVP awards in the same season.

How many shutouts did sandy koufax pitch?

40 in the regular season and 2 in the World Series.

What is average price of world series ticket?

About 15-20 times the regular season prices.

Most home runs in a season by World Series winner?

The most regular season home runs hit by a team that won the World Series is 240 by the 1961 New York Yankees.

What is worst MLB team to win world series?

The 2006 Saint Louis Cardinals won the Series in five games, despite a regular season record of 83-78. In most years they would not have even made the playoffs.

How many times have the Angels won?

They have won many regular season games. Tens of thousands of regular season games. If you mean the World Series wins, the Angels have one.

How many games did the New York Yankees win in 1960?

In 1960, the Yankees regular season record was 97-57. They lost the World Series to the Pittsburgh Pirates 4 games to 3.

Name the first player to appear in a perfect game in the World Series and the regular season?

Jim Gilliam

Who will be the mlb umpires for the 2010 world series?

*That should be announced after the 2010 regular season ends in October.

What was the Cleveland Indians record last season?

81-81 but next year they will win the world series

How many World Series have nationals won?

First (and only so far) was in 2019 when they beat the Houston Astros in game 7 of the World Series.

Who won the Women's College World Series in 1989?

In 1989, The UCLA Bruins won the College World Series. They went undefeated in this series. They finished their season with a record of 48-4.

What pitcher played in more regular-season games than Arthur Rhodes before appearing in his first World Series?

John Franco. Arthur pitched in 900 regular season games before pitching in his first World Series game (Game 1 of the 2011 WS for the Cardinals). Franco pitched in 940 regular season games before pitching in his first World Series (Game 1 of the 2000 WS for the Mets).

In 1998 the Yankees won the World Series How many total wins?

for regular season 120 something but for the whole season the 130 something

Which MLB team has lost the most World Series?

As of the 2011 season, the New York Yankees have lost the most World Series and won the most World Series. Their WS record is 27-13. Tied for second most World Series losses are the Dodgers and the Giants. The Dodgers WS record is 6-12 and the Giants WS record is 6-12.